Contract Indebtedness – filed in Broward County, Florida

Contract Indebtedness  – filed in Broward County 

Roadhouse LLC (Petitioner) vs. HR Ventures doing business as Automatic Slims/Eric Noveshen (Respondent)

CACE-11021777         Filed: 9/14/2011

Contract and Indebtedness

American Express Centurion (Petitioner) vs. Cheryl Wilson, Eric Noveshen (Defendants)

CACE8025623                           Filed 6/5/2008

Contract Indebtedness greater than $80,000 

KRG/Pembroke Pines vs. Eric Noveshen (Respondent)


Contract and Indebtedness         Filed: 5/12/2009

Citibank South Dakota (Petitioner) vs. Estelle Hartman (Eric Noveshen interested party)


Contract and Indebtedness                       Filed: 9/10/2009

Cypress Creek Assoc. (Petitioner) vs. Eric Noveshen (Respondent)

CACE8055069     Filed: 11/10/2008

Contract and Indebtedness

Wakefield Quinn Barristers (Petitioner) vs. Envision Capital LLC (Respondent)

CACE08049551                Filed: 10/14/2008

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