Intended solely to provide background/education on investment advisor Eric Noveshen for potential clients

This site is intended for the sole purpose of providing due diligence on investment advisor Eric Noveshen. To provide background and education to potential clients. All of the content comes from relevant PUBLIC SOURCES – gathered in one place so people can decide for themselves if they feel comfortable with this individual handling their money.
The NAICS classifies Eric Noveshen’s company Envision Capital LLC of Fort Lauderdale a provider of “Investment Advice.” When an “investment advisor,” brokerage firm, broker etc, is not registered with FINRA consumers have almost no collective source of information to decipher if it is safe to do business with the company. Investors of all income levels should have the right to relevant information about anyone managing their money or giving advice about the subject.
In this case, Noveshen WAS a registered broker up until 2003 or 04. According to its website, “FINRA also provides the public with access to relevant information about formerly registered brokers who, although no longer in the securities industry in a registered capacity, may work in other investment-related industries or may seek to attain other positions of trust with potential investors. Through its BrokerCheck service.” Noveshen hasn’t been registered in over TEN years. While the information FINRA provides is extremely important and relevant for clients deciding to engage with Noveshen, the picture is incomplete. This website is intended to do no more than provide background information on Mr. Noveshen to individuals and companies who may be looking to do business with him.

2 thoughts on “Intended solely to provide background/education on investment advisor Eric Noveshen for potential clients”

  1. Investors be thankful this information is here. I wish I was so lucky when I got mixed up with Eric Noveshen as my broker. In a nutshell he made unauthorized trades from my account. I lost a lot of money. He tied me up in court by filing lie after lie, even personally attacking me! This was a business transaction. Finally his firm did the respectful thing and settled with me. Steer clear of the nightmare.


  2. Thank you for this blog. This probably saved my company $500,000 we almost gave Envision Capital Eric’s company a contract to get funding for us. Saw this blog a few months ago and ended up going w someone else. We got funding then found out Eric was using contacts we gave him to fund OTHER companies but had a bad reputation never locked anything up.

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