LEGAL EGO Eric Noveshen : Vexatious Litigant

It’s possible Eric Noveshen has a legal ego bigger than the State of Florida. In recent legal filings he tells the Federal Court:

“The Plaintiff [Noveshen] should not have to teach the Defendant’s very capable four (4) law firms and eight (8) attorneys about the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Maybe this Honorable Court can provide some guidance….” 

The Court should educate Noveshen on the definition of “vexatious litigant, and sanction him properly, but with a LEGAL EGO like Noveshen’s he certainly can explain why he is justified in filing so many lawsuits, right?

Florida defines a “Vexatious litigant”:1. A person who, in the immediately preceding 5-year period, has commenced, prosecuted, or maintained, pro se, five or more civil actions in any court in this state, except an action governed by the Florida Small Claims Rules, which actions have been finally and adversely determined against such person or entity; or

Should not have to teach attorneys2

One thought on “LEGAL EGO Eric Noveshen : Vexatious Litigant”

  1. Eric Noveshen’s legal ego is unjustified. He’s just a legal pain in the ass that why no one sues him for all the money he robs people of. He runs his friends to esteemed companies in and out of court to make it not worth their time to collect money he owes or so he can get companies to pay him off to go away.


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