“Where’s Eric Noveshen lately?” Pdgood knew the truth in 2010

Whoever “pdgood” is, he has been on to Noveshen since at least 2008. Anyone considering doing business with him, it’s worth a trip to the Investors Hub website to get educated on what PD knows. This was posted January 17, 2010.


Where’s Eric Noveshen lately?
He posted here a couple a times. He’s the dude that brokered deals for NIR. I was told he had a close relationship with Med Gen who I believe was taken over by NIR after their offshre boiler room scams came public. Noveshen and his company Envision Capital are right down there in S. Florida in the middle of the mix. Was Corey smart enough ta change that relationship?

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2 thoughts on ““Where’s Eric Noveshen lately?” Pdgood knew the truth in 2010”

  1. PD knew long before 2010. Posted a while back if anyone is interested in one twisted story (there are many more atributed to Eric and his company Envision Cap). Noveshen was buddies with a guy named Murray W Goldenberg CEO of First Colonial Ventures ya can read about him in “The Mob On Wall Street.” Goldenburg went to the big house for trying ta bribe market makers. First Colonial got renamed to Nova Communications. illegal boiler rooms were in play Goldenberg, Noveshen and his buddies at NIR were making bank. Goldenbergs partners in crime were from South Florida, Envision Capital/Eric Noveshen. Novey was the broker that introduced Nova to NIR for funding. When Goldenburg went away Art Robins (Noveshens buddy) came in ta run the company and be Goldenburgs new fall guy. Goldenburg had set up funding with NIR and Noveshen and Robins were to continue with NIR Funding and development of the companys water sports machinery. The company changed names again to Encompass Holdings. There’s another NIR connection. Art Robins wasn’t corrupt. He was just dumb enough ta let Goldenburg pull his strings and later Noveshen. Ya gotta remember here that the ever present ex con Goldenburg set up NIR fundin through Envision Capital. Straight deal? Ya sure. Way more dirt from the past than I’m postin. In 2008 NIR cleaned house. They sent Noveshen’s NIR insider Daryl Dworkin packin and dumped his buddy Eric Noveshen. Encompass cleaned out all the dirt and would never deal with Envision/Noveshen agian. Now days wise company leaders have enough intel to avoid doing business with Noveshen in the first place. All of this is true just check Edgar filings 2004-2008


  2. Like the TV show- HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER, “Novey” should have his own show- HOW TO CON PEOPLE OUT OF THERE MONEY! I would sign up for a class on that one!


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