Eric Noveshen Verbally Abusive to Women

Eric Noveshen’s tendency to talk down to women has been documented in police reports. When he doesn’t need something from a woman respect is out the door. Women make up 47-48% of the work force according to the Department of Labor, investors and companies might want to think twice before allowing Noveshen to deal with female employees. Below is just one example, a court document from Christina Noveshen n/k/a Christina Carter v. Eric Noveshen (Broward County) showing how Noveshen spoke to his Ex-wife, C Carter on a phone call in February, 2009. Christina Carter is a recruiter for a major fashion brand and makes more than Noveshen yet he tells her “your head is firmly planted in the clouds.” 

Noveshen tells his ex-wife there is “reality” and “some planet that you live on.” Subtle verbal put downs. Wonder if Noveshen ever asked himself how he would feel if someone ever treats his daughter the way he treated her Mother?



One thought on “Eric Noveshen Verbally Abusive to Women”

  1. HAHA this guy sat in an office in 2014 telling everyone the other mother from CA was extorting him for 20,000 after a mediation. who is extorting who? lies sell


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