Noveshen Lives in Fear of Harassment

Is Eric Noveshen paranoid that everyone is out to “harass” him? Or is it true that he has a narcissistic view that anyone bothering him must be in the wrong and he is ALWAYS the victim being harassed?

Everywhere you look from Broward Property Code Enforcement documents, to court documents Noveshen accuses people of “harassing” him. We know what happened to the boy who cried WOLF, what happens to the man who cries “harassment” too many times?

City of Fort Lauderdale Accused of ‘Harassing’ Noveshen: 

2Enforce Harassment

American Express Accused of ‘Harassing’ Noveshen: 

Cover shotAmex counter claim

Ex-Wife Christina Carter Accused of ‘Harassing’ Noveshen:

Noveshen False Accusations Against Christina Carter

Noveshen LIES calls Carter Mentally ill

3 thoughts on “Noveshen Lives in Fear of Harassment”

  1. Biggg joke! Mark me if you have any dealings with Eric Noveshen ANY business, financial, personal, acquaintances at all might be great then 1 wrong move or disagreement and he WILL find a reason to harass YOU. The list of victims pre-dates this website by 2 decades. A partial list of his victims include former business partners his family members and his own grandmother! Read the black and white harassment in over 40 lawsuits with your own eyes at the court house. This is a sick individual be cautious before even exchanging phone numbers.


  2. Eric lives in fear that one of these people he robs is going to rip his head off one day. Its almost happened before more than once if he was man enough to stop hiding behind bogus lawsuits. but hes NOT a real man


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