Drug Use, Abuse, Other Women, Sexuality – Testimony of Noveshen’s Ex-wife


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Testimony about Eric

Eric Noveshen internet sexuality

Eric Noveshen snapped himself posing with lots-o- women for bragging rights. The pictures back up Christina Carter’s testimony and a story posted on The Dirty over a year ago about Noveshen not above conning women and Wall Street. Girls, buyers, investors: be careful.

Noveshen Sex addiction

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Eric Noveshen many women



5 thoughts on “Drug Use, Abuse, Other Women, Sexuality – Testimony of Noveshen’s Ex-wife”

  1. I was with Eric about 9 years ago in Beverly Hills meeting with two women interested in investing in a project of his. He flirted with them non stop made jokes about sex and kept touching one of their thighs under table the women. they were so uncomfortable no business got done. Later I found out Eric told everyone that it was me who did it. A Noveshen trait blame his bad behavior on someone else. We always had to lie and say he didn’t pay for the trip or dinners cause he blamed his exwife, said she was 3-headed monster money grubber. Always someone else. grateful for this to validate it wasnt me.


  2. It’s a shame this sexual deviant, masquerading as a respectable man of business, is left to roam freely on the streets of Liquordale! God only knows what his current venture (er, I mean girlfriend) sees in him! If ever a convincing case for castration was made, Noveshen would be the poster child!


  3. Unfit, Mama’s boys not on hot girls hit lists either unless he spends some of that stolen dough! better luck with with the isis list doh!


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