Envision: Gag Anyone who Talks about Eric Noveshen’s Ill Gotten Gains!

Eric Noveshen describes himself with words like leader, entrepreneur and consultant. When other’s describe him, words like kickbacks, pump-n-dump, scam, or ‘ill gotten gains’ often arise. Warning – Noveshen is very sensitive to such words. Like thieves don’t like the word theft. It’s not that Eric Noveshen is above paying kickbacks or profiting from a pump-n-dump, he just doesn’t want anyone talking about it. As it says below, in Noveshen’s book that’s called slander. In the book of reality it’s called: TRUTH.

This exchange is from Investor’s Hub’s NIR board, 2009. Great read!……..“don’t even consider a relationship with Envision. You’ll regret ya did. End of friggin story” 


ihub pd 09

ihub envision

ihub libel 2

ihub envision 2


4 thoughts on “Envision: Gag Anyone who Talks about Eric Noveshen’s Ill Gotten Gains!”

  1. How is it possible this guy been running financial scams for over 7 years? People were talking about this in 2009 why are regulators over looking him?


  2. If that ain’t callin the kettle black. Anyone who knows Eric Noveshen has heard him talk negatively, defame and blame his problems on other people. But Its not ok for people to talk facts about the crap he does? Thanx Pdgood Stoxx and Listen to me for setting him straight.


  3. Best way to stop someone this crooked is to STOP doing business period!!! Don’t invest, don’t hire, don’t work with! That’s how these cons happen…by finding suckers to get money from.


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