The “Purchaser” in SEC v. NIR Group

Speculation has stirred for years on stock boards on who the “Purchaser” mentioned in the 2011 SEC complaint against The NIR Group is. Not so far fetched that many pointed the finger at Noveshen who in 2008 was living in a home in foreclosure and was under a mountain of debt in the hundreds of thousands, had several phone lines shut off (Envision Capital was unreachable for at least two weeks), credit cards cut off and lawsuits filed against him in 2008 for unpaid debts. Eric Noveshen was one of the two PIPE deal finders mentioned in the 2010 SEC complaint against NIR’s Daryl Dworkin for paying bribes to him. There’s also those comment’s Ribotsky made about Noveshen in a deposition in Sept. 2009.

NIR Purchaser

Page 26:

NIR Purchaser 2

NIR Purchaser 3

NIR Purchaser 4

Off the wall too

3 thoughts on “The “Purchaser” in SEC v. NIR Group”

  1. Noveshen is a disgrace to everyone in the financial community! We can choose to ignore him and hope he doesn’t target us or our loved ones next or we can do something about it! The stealing and the lying, these are not things we are about! Please spread the work about Noveshen and his cronies. Let everyone know not to do business with him! This has to stop!


  2. If the glove fits… “the information [on purchaser] was so disturbing.. all this negative information..” easily applied to Eric Noveshen


  3. I believe it was Noveshen EDWY was the last deal he did with Corey in 2008 and Erics history of writing bad checks well known


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