Noveshen’s Gaggles of Women, Threats, Testimony, Drug Use and More

When Eric Noveshen’s former wife Christina Carter testified that her ex-husband has a issues with “internet and sexuality” and “other women” seems she was spot on. Along with anonymous tips we get many pictures of Noveshen, with a lot of different women. (Below Noveshen appears with two women at once in a suggestive photo). Former wife Carter also testifies that one Noveshen’s girlfriends was scared to testify in court against him because Noveshen was “threatening my life and threatening to call HRS.” HRS is the Florida Department of Health and the Department of Children and Family Services an organization that investigates child maltreatment.

Testimony of Christina Carter:

Eric Noveshen hookers

Noveshen women tile 3

Physical Abuse

PG 26 Testimony Carter

PG 26 Testimony Carter

Eric Noveshen internet sexuality






2 thoughts on “Noveshen’s Gaggles of Women, Threats, Testimony, Drug Use and More”

  1. He makes me want to throw up he better not have me his mystery fb collection of women he hooked up w. over 20 women on just this page. Run and if you don’t run use a condom or you might end up with foul in ur pants


  2. Watch Straight out of Compton Bro, pay attention what happened to Easy E hooking up with so many girls. Ending real sad. Is all dat azz worth it?


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