Noveshen Continues Mastering Five-Finger Discount of Broward Home

Eric Noveshen and his Mother Cheryl Wilson successfully manipulate the Broward County courts once again. After not paying their mortgage since at least 2007, the mother-son duo scored three more months of FREE HOUSING in Fort Lauderdale’s Victoria Park. Being a professional suer has its benefits.

On February 27, 2016 the Court granted Defendants Cheryl Wilson and Eric Noveshen yet ANOTHER extension of the foreclosure trial. It was set for March 8th, is now set for mid May, 2016. Another five-finger discount of sorts.




5 thoughts on “Noveshen Continues Mastering Five-Finger Discount of Broward Home”

  1. I stubbled on this site looking at foreclosure feeds. What is wrong with this man and his mother??! They actually get away with all this fraud? Sounds like mother son team of foreclosure cons! They should be fined or in jail! Waste of our tax dollars!


  2. He should teach a “How to live for free with mortgage fraud and get away with it” at our local college. What a joke people get away with this!


  3. What’s wrong with you Broward County? This Eric Novashan is wasting our tax dollars! He should pay back the community that he’s ripping off living for free! Complete bull that as a tax payer I have to cover his mortgage he ain’t paying! Eric and Cheryl Wilson should be in jail but then that’s free housing too! Make them pay the rent like we all do!


  4. On behalf of many members of the Noveshen family we ask, if Eric Noveshen has an ounce of respect for his family, he shall discontinue use of our last name while engaging in such awful endeavors. The ruin of our last name is disgraceful.


    1. That’s horrible! Eric so bad his family disowns him! Sorry he’s ruining your last name! Unfortunately I don’t think Eric Novashen your relative cares.


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