Broward Judges Signatures Were Forged by S. Florida Attorney


In the last couple of weeks news broke that a South Florida attorney, Jose Manuel Camacho, a graduate of the University of Miami Law School, allegedly forged signatures of seven Broward County Judges on over 100 documents.

The act was discovered by two of the seven Judges diligent enough to check, Marina Garcia-Wood and Carlos Rodriguez. Obviously serious oversight was lacking in the way Broward County Courts process court filings.

Ironically, connect the dots and Judge Carlos Rodriguez signature happened to appear on a very favorable settlement for Eric Noveshen and his mother Cheryl Wilson. Or is it his signature?

The mother-son team Wilson-Noveshen have perfected the art of abusing the Broward Courts to get out of paying their debts, a fact supported by many documents. In this particular case, American Express v. Cheryl Wilson and Eric Noveshen the pair got an $80,000 judgement knocked down to $30,000! Bonus they didn’t have to pay a dollar of the thousands in legal fees they cost American Express in their dirty game.

We’re not saying it’s not Judge Rodriguez signature, but if one lawyer can get away with forging 100 documents what else needs to be reexamined in the Broward Courts?

It is known that the ridiculously low settlement amount may have had something to do with Noveshen’s friendship with the mediator Fred Berman, now Judge Berman. Noveshen is friends with many of his kin, Scott Berman, Lori Berman…Attorneys for American Express might have done better for their client had they checked this out beforehand. Not that Berman did anything wrong either, but Noveshen-Wilson are known to take advantage of ANY common denominator to play the system. Noveshen is skilled at the pity, poor me, I enjoyed charging things but can’t pay the bill game. His mother is even better, nothing more potent than an lying senior citizen.


Is this Judge Carlos Rodriguez real signature? Maybe? Maybe Not? 

Compare the judgement below, $80,963.01 mediated down to $30,600. They charged $50,000 for free!

Thank your lucky stars Broward that Judge Weinstein is taking action, he said, “Lawyers are no longer trusted as officers of the court to deliver signed orders to the clerk’s office, Weinstein said. “A deputy of the clerk now has to go to the judges’ offices to pick up the orders.” Let’s hope the rule applies to Eric Noveshen too.

Amex Judgement





5 thoughts on “Broward Judges Signatures Were Forged by S. Florida Attorney”

  1. Eric Noveshen and Cheryl Wilson are scum. In the work place they pretended not to know each other so they could scam and steal. They are sick people. Cheryl’s own daughter mother and sister won’t speak to her because she helped Eric steal a million dollars from her mother. Cheryl hates her sister so much she didn’t want any of her kids to inherit any money from their grandmother so helped Eric take it all leaving her mother with nothing and never even offers to help the poor woman. They go around pretending they are victims that the family wronged them. Wish I never met these vile people


  2. More corruption!! What’s the point of going through legal process if lawyers or anyone can just sign the Judge name? Ridiculous! That lawyer better lose his license.


  3. If what this post insinuates is true, then Noveshen has unlimited power in Broward. I can only imagine the countless lives that are under the thumb of Noveshen and the clown collective that is the Broward Court system. Sure, you may tell yourself: who cares about the big credit card and mortgage companies? Why should this concern me? Therein lies the rub. Noveshen has crossed the line from only involving people in the game to now involving anyone, including medical patients (refer to this blog’s previous article).There’s nothing stopping him from involving you in the nightmare he has created. Evidently, he does not care one bit who he goes after. But why would anyone expect a sociopath to care? Our only recourse against this monster is that we write our attorney general, senator, or congressman Moraitis and demand that action be taken against Noveshen! If a petition is started, I will be the first to sign it! Folks, now is the time to take action! This man is a menace to society and we must do everything we can to stop him!

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  4. Yes, you can blame her. Everyone is responsible for their own actions. Let’s not give ol’ Cheryl a free pass just because her son is a bastard. Why wasn’t Noveshen able to lure his grandmother to the Dark side? I’ll tell you why: it’s because unlike Cheryl, she has a moral compass. She actually has a heart. So don’t you dare give Cheryl the ‘oh poor me!’ treatment! But how can I trust someone who thinks ‘getting something for nothing’– as you put it — is okay? I simply cannot. Furthermore, it is not okay to lie for your children so that he may commit fraud! So don’t you give me the ‘A lot of people would lie for their children’ business either! Noveshen is a criminal and so is his mother! Do not try to dance around the facts.

    This doesn’t mean Cheryl does not have the potential to become a good person. She can still turn her life around and disavow Noveshen. She has a way out, the world is watching to see if she takes it. But until then, please save it. Defend someone worth defending like his poor nan who lost hundreds and thousands at the hands of Noveshen! I am sick and tired of hearing the excuses for Cheryl’s behavior!




  5. I could not agree more. Studies link sociopaths to abuse during childhood. Cheryl Noveshen nka Cheryl Wilson paved the way for her son Eric Noveshen to become a sociopath by allowing her 2nd husband to abuse him. Seen VH1 movie about child abuse the Jackson’s received? Similar abuse in Wilson house n when that belt came out on Eric Cheryl Did NOTHING. She looked the other way. When Eric abused his grandmother stealing her money Cheryl looked the other way. Now she tells her boyfriend and all her friends this is all lies to save face. If she has an ounce of dignity maybe she covers it up because she is ashamed. But nah, she’s not ashamed, she just can’t take advantage of people if they know the TRUTH. She is GOOD at playing your best friend don’t fall for it! Inside she hates you no matter who you are cause she hates herself.


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