Blatant Discovery Abuse Continues in Broward by Noveshen

Dear Broward Courts, 

We think you should know you have a case of pseudologia fantastica in your dockets. Eric Noveshen v. Margaret Welter, John Doe 1-25 et. al. Plaintiff has a history of discovery abuses you can look up right on your computers. Now he is asking the Broward Court to fall for a easily detectable discovery abuse in his quest to obtain discovery without objection. Usually he just sends a subpoena without telling the other side. This is the first case Noveshen is at least masking his discovery abuse better by filing 1.351 -s.

He is claiming he needs expedited discovery because he cannot serve any of the defendants because they refuse to give up their identity. Yet he claims to know the identify of one defendants and names her, but in his March 18th filing Noveshen claims he could not serve any of the defendants, in one day?  On March 18 he filed a motion for expedited discovery yet he didn’t even issue a summons to the one defendant he named until March 17th. He gave it 24-hours and claimed the service was a bust?

The systematic abuse of courts enacted on Broward County by Noveshen continues. Broward County please take notice. Eric Noveshen should not be able to bend justice in his favor, he should not be immune from abiding by rules of civil procedure.

See Below Summons issued on 3-17-2016 and Motion for Leave to Serve Immediate Discover on Non-Party Websites and Internet Service Providers.

Check these cases for SOME of the many discovery abuses and excessive discovery sought by Eric Noveshen for the sole purpose of costing the other side money: 

Christina Noveshen n/k/a Christina Carter v. Eric Noveshen – Family

Nationstar v. Cheryl Wilson and Eric Noveshen – Foreclosure

Margaret Welter v. Eric Noveshen – Family

KRG Pembroke Pines v. Eric Noveshen – Civil

American Express v. Cheryl Wilson and Eric Noveshen – Civil







3 thoughts on “Blatant Discovery Abuse Continues in Broward by Noveshen”

  1. Someone send this to Judge William Haury !! what Eric novehan is doing is worse than ex parte communication. He’s trying to get the courts stamp of approval on his fraud.


  2. This is called “Working The System.” Unfortunately people like Mr. Noveshan who knows how to manipulate procedure to work for him will keep getting a way with it. Good luck to those he preys upon.


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