Noveshen Practices First Amendment Rights, Doesn’t Want You To

In 2011 many people were excited about Florida Micro, a Florida based IT and technology company, that was going public. Especially Eric Novehsen who thought his then friend Daniel Jacobs would let him run the company. This would have given Noveshen some legitimacy but his negative financial reputation preceded him. Friends don’t let friends run their companies into the ground, so Jacobs made Barbara Hughes the CEO. This angered Noveshen so he went on a tirade about Jacobs and Florida Micro trying his best to shed a negative light on Daniel Jacobs and the company. He also said some pretty awful things to Hughes and about Hughes.

The irony, Eric Noveshen thinks it’s OK for him to complain about wrongdoings of others in the financial industry, but he runs to court and complains when anyone dare comment on Noveshen’s laundry list of financial frauds.


5 thoughts on “Noveshen Practices First Amendment Rights, Doesn’t Want You To”

  1. I have practiced law in Florida for 20 years. Only inmates generate as much litigation as Eric Noveshen. Inmates have a goal we all can understand, they want to earn their freedom. What is Eric Noveshen trying to earn or prove in his 42 cases? He should consider getting a job it’s much more rewarding.


  2. No shock here. Slick rick con man thinks he is above the law and everyone else should be punished for their injustice of him.


  3. Ya’ll do know that none of the info on this blog will help investors right? This might help people Eric Noveshen pretends to be friends /family with decide not to lend him money they will never see again. Investors tho, Ur out o’luck! Companies do not have to report who they give stock as compensation to! Eric Noveshen can be sittin just below the belly of the next penny stock U pick up and U won’t know till stock diluted wortheless and gossipers come out! If then!


  4. Mr. Noveshen Notes

    I deal in pharm -cannabis he solicited my company. Came with a reference, not sure how, so we spent the money to check him out. His reference said he did not know about Eric’s past.

    Eric Noveshen has been sued for fraud many times and had to settle causing his firm to pay over $100,000 once and over $35,000. FACT

    Eric Noveshen is not a licensed broker. He’s not allowed to be. His FINRA check shows he was sued and had to pay for common law fraud, unauthorized trading a few of the charges. FACT

    Eric Noveshen has opened over a dozen credit cards since 2002 spends money and never pays the bills. He instead has filed bankruptcy or taking the card companies to court. FACT

    Eric Noveshen has committed mortgage in the name of Christina Carter his first wife. Eric Noveshen was evicted by his own biological grandmother. FACT

    Eric Noveshen was sued by his most recent employers for stealing funds over $700,000 that he split with others.

    Eric Noveshen uses his local county courts to get free from his debts. FACT

    Eric Noveshen has been held in contempt of court and sanctioned 3 times. FACT

    Eric Noveshen has tip toed in the grey area between legal and illegal to evade a criminal record for years. The one criminal on his report is from 1995 and there is a reference number beyond that details are unknown. FACT

    Eric Noveshen has been involved in 40 lawsuits in the last 15 years. FACT

    Want more? Eric Noveshen has smeared former business partners who he misappropriated money from because they caught him read handed. FACT.

    Anyone considering this guy throw a little money at it and check his background hard, call some of the other parties to the lawsuits. If you can’t find them and the lawsuit isn’t still ongoing you can call the attorney of records and ask if the client will be willing to speak to you. It will save you thousands


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