Eric Noveshen’s Judicial Abuse Cloaked in Irony

Fraud on the Court

– Transcript, Eric Noveshen argues the US Constitution gives him the right to file appeals.

But does the Constitution give you the right to abuse the legal system charged with protecting those Constitutional rights? We think not. On one hand Noveshen wants to use the Constitution for his benefit on the other he wants to smother the Constitutional rights of others to discuss his abuse of the legal and financial systems of this country.

In other words he wants to have his cake, eat it too and leave crumbs all over court houses around this country!

Think a moment of the Judicial System as a person named Justice- Eric Noveshen is asking “Justice” to protect him while he abuses “Justice”

–  It just doesn’t make sense.


Fraud on the Court

On that note, we present an uncomplete list of the many cases in which Noveshen has played his dirty legal tricks to game the Court system he is now asking to shut down dialogue about him.

Noveshen Cases 2Noveshen Cases 3Noveshen Cases 1Noveshen Cases 4

KRG 4th Affirmed



Eric Noveshen anti freedom of speech






Is Noveshen Really in Fear of Isis or is this the Rantings of a Lunatic?


We’re sure you’ve heard by now Eric Noveshen is after this site and anyone else engaging in discussion about him as protected by the first amendment. In February we offered anyone with proof that any of the statements made on this site were incorrect, we would post corrections, no one came forward.

In his first time at bat Noveshen filed a lawsuit with a long list of allegations one of them was that he fears ISIS is out to get him because someone with an Arabic/Muslim name posted a comment about him. When Noveshen doubled his list of allegations and filed it again, we though he must have realized that stating there is a FATWA on your head just because someone who might be Muslim entered the discussion about you makes you sound, well racist comes to mind and as Corey Ribotsky former head of the hedge fund NIR described Noveshen, “off the wall.”  

Stated simply – it sounds down right nutty! Does the guy believe ISIS would find him of any importance? Or is this paragraph of his lawsuit the equivalent of the rantings of a lunatic just to take up more time of the Judges at the Broward Court House?

Noveshen claims he is in “immediate fear of bodily harm, injury, and even death to him.” Kinda like when Noveshen claimed in 2013 that “the outrageous conduct” of Allen Licht caused him to “suffer severe emotional distress.” 

BTW – He spelled FATWA wrong, doesn’t seem to know much about Islam. Peace!

Avoid Foreclosure & Paying Your Mortgage the Eric Noveshen Way Deny, Delay, Delay

How many Motions for Continuance can a person file during a simple foreclosure case? Its all part of Eric Noveshen’s shady legal tactics – Deny, Delay, Delay. 

Nationstar Mortgage was forced to file foreclosure on Eric Noveshen and his mom Cheryl Wilson in Jan. 2013 because they refused to pay the mortgage on their home in the Victoria Park area of Ft. Lauderdale since 2007.

Three years later….Noveshen still using his legal games to stay in the house for FREE by using several delay tactics. In three years he’s filed a objection to trial and three motions to continue the case.

Are the Broward Courts going to let Eric Noveshen’s ‘free housing’ game going on forever?

1. Motion for Continuance filed April 22, 2016

Continue 2016

2. Filed Dec. 15, 2015

Motion for Continue 2015-2 436


3. Filed Aug. 11, 2015


4. Objection to Trial – Another Delay Tactic filed Jan. 24, 2014

Object to Trial

More Dangerous Legal Threats by Eric Noveshen – NSFW

Our last blog, “Noveshen Warns he Has Noting to Lose” was a display of how Eric Noveshen is dangerous in legal settings where he feel he can’t be punished because, as he threatened his ex-wife Christina Carter Roberts,  “when someone has nothing to lose, you really don’t put them in a good position.”  


That blog encouraged a reader to send us a link to another phone call, where again Noveshen threatens that he will use the courts to “blow you away!” The “you” being the other woman Noveshen shares children with, Maggie Welter. As the video says, viewer discretion  advised (foul language). From 2009-2014 it seems Noveshen got more aggressivemore callous, and more dangerous with his threats.

Again viewer discretion advised – NSFW



Screen captures of some of Eric Noveshen’s threats made during this conversation







Noveshen Warns he Has Nothing to Lose

Eric Noveshen has nothing to lose. At least that’s the story he’s been telling since 2005. The man knows how play the pity card that’s for sure. The story begins with his bankruptcy filing in 2005. He had nothing for the creditors to take, he had nothing to lose by filing. His home hidden in his mother’s name, he made a deal to pay for his beat up RX7, his wife had left him in 2003, he had nothing to lose. In his own words, when Noveshen has nothing to lose, he is dangerous. “See here’s the thing, Christie,” Noveshen said to his ex-wife, “when someone has nothing to lose, you really don’t put them in a good position.”  


In this situation, Noveshen is telling his ex-wife, Christina Carter, he has nothing to lose, she was trying to work out a custody arrangement with him so they could avoid going to court. But that’s no fun for a vexatious litigant like Eric Noveshen. See if the court case ended he would need a new individual or company to kick around in court. Eric Noveshen has nothing to lose and that’s why he’s dangerous in court. He won’t lose his job spending too many hours on his cases, he hasn’t had a real job in a year and between 2005-2013 he was self employed making money off market manipulations. He couldn’t lose his home, he hasn’t had one in his name since 2003 and doesn’t pay the mortgage anyway. He won’t lose money paying a lawyer, he plays his own lawyer. He tells so many lies in court he believes them so he doesn’t lose integrity . So his warning to Ex-Carter was genuine.

And that’s the RUB folks. Eric Noveshen has nothing to lose and that’s what makes dealing with Noveshen dangerous, he thrives being in the position of making his opponent lose, if nothing else money for legal fees, while he risks nothing. How else would he get away with jabs at his ex-wife like, “your head firmly planet in the clouds,” if it wasn’t under the guise of litigation?








How Eric Noveshen Gets Out of Paying Court Judgments (For a While) Legally!

Did the court order you to pay money and you want to get around it, legally? In 2009 Eric Noveshen developed the perfect solution for such a problem. File an appeal! Noveshen filed four appeals to the Florida 4th District Court of Appeals since 2009 for just this reason. It doesn’t make a whole lot of economic sense when you consider the $3500 fee to file an appeal, and eventually you might have to pay the original court ordered fees (as happened to Noveshen) but if your goal is to defy court orders and drive the other side mad it’s worth every penny.






Eric Noveshen Fits Right in Fraud Capital

Eric Noveshen is in good company. According to Fortune magazine and the AP, Florida is the United States capital of Fraud. Maybe that’s why Noveshen hasn’t been caught yet. Every dog has its day, but until he is stopped read up and keep yourself safe from his scams.

This region is the fraud capital of America

“Shady dealings run amok in sunny South Florida where creative crooks are coming up with scams of every sort, from fake Jamaican lotteries to basic identity theft.

The three-most populous counties in southern Florida, Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach, are rife with underhanded deals that steal millions from governments, banks and individuals, reports the Associated Press.” – Fortune magazine

Eric Noveshen; Domain Hoarding is so 1999! Beware

Someone might want to tell Eric Noveshen that domain hoarding is so last century.

Notice to everyone else, stay web-safe and stay off of any domains owned by Noveshen. He owns dozens, maybe over 100. It’s hard to know exactly what he owns anymore because Noveshen recently started registering domains privately using Domains by Proxy to keep his domain hoarding a secret. To be on the safe side, avoid the domains Eric Noveshen is known to own listed below. He uses his website to collect information and attempts to install malware and cookies on your computer.






Signs of A Noveshen Financial Scam


A previously covered topic and one we get many emails on is the pump-and-dump of the Florida based company Simulated Environment Concepts stock, (SMEV). The lawsuit, Licht v. Watson, et. al, S. Florida  CASE # 0:12-cv-62197-WJZ, holds valuable information for anyone considering doing business with Eric Noveshen and should give it a good read.

Warning signs; Noveshen surrounds himself with the same names; transfer agents, financiers, attorneys, stock promotion teams and Noveshen’s friends / family. Noveshen and Ajene Watson have done consulting services together for many pink sheet companies. They both worked with the now defunct NIR Group, NIR provided funding for Edoorways (EDWY)  a deal worked on by Noveshen and Watson. The Licht lawsuit claimed,

“Unfortunately, at the hands of Defendants, EDWY has suffered the same fate as Simulated. Its stock was decimated by pump-and-dump scheme…”


Curt Kramer/ Asher Enterprises, notable for connections to Novehsen via NIR, also makes an appearance in the Licht lawsuit. Kramer was blacklisted by FINRA in 2014 after being ordered to pay $1.4 million in 2013 to settle SEC charges that he purchased billions of shares of two penny stock companies and failed to register them before reselling them to investors.

The biggest danger, is when Noveshen brings family to work . The Licht lawsuit states, in December 2009, “Noveshen installed his mother Sherrill Wilson, as the bookeeper;” *Her name is Cheryl not Sherrill 

The next step was to move the company accounting books out of Plaintiff Licht/ Simulated’s view. Noveshen was part of the team urging Licht /SMEV to move away from their current accounting system, Peachtree to Quickbooks giving Noveshen’s mother Cheryl Wilson greater opportunity to doctor the financials.

A cautionary tale; as in December 2014 Noveshen became President of a health insurance audit company called Microvu. Same scam, Noveshen installed his mother Cheryl Wilson to aid him in diverting funds from the company and cook the books.

Read closely, neither Licht /SMEV or the owners of Microvu knew that Cheryl Wilson is Eric Noveshen’s mother, Noveshen went out of his way to hide this glaring detail.

install his mom as bookkeeper

SMEV consulting team urges the company to “1. Move accounting away from PeachTree”




Less than five years after defrauding Simulated Concepts, Eric Noveshen becomes President of Microvu in December 2014. Guess who he brings to work on the financials? Mother Dear? Bingo! Cheryl Wilson starts working undercover to doctor financials for the benefit of herself and her son. The pair even pretended they did not know each other in the office.



From Multaply v. Kern, filed in November 2015


People might say ah, what about Ajene Watson? Here is the difference, Watson, for any faults one might perceive, is not a selfish or slovenly businessman like Noveshen. He leaves his house in a suit and tie, looks sharp, speaks well. Watson gives back to the community. Watson’s mother didn’t teach him how to cook books. Trywa Watson taught children and was a highly respected educator in New York. While Noveshen works to destroy his mother’s name in court records (all those phony affidavits of Cheryl Wilson against Amex, Nationstar etc all looked at together don’t seem credible). While Watson honors his late mother’s name. In 2010 Ajene Watson donated thousands of dollars to the school where his mother taught, Middle School 390, to open The Trywa Watson Computer Lab. Watson claimed his mother taught him a code of ethics and morals. Something you won’t find in his business partner’s history.