Eric Noveshen; Domain Hoarding is so 1999! Beware

Someone might want to tell Eric Noveshen that domain hoarding is so last century.

Notice to everyone else, stay web-safe and stay off of any domains owned by Noveshen. He owns dozens, maybe over 100. It’s hard to know exactly what he owns anymore because Noveshen recently started registering domains privately using Domains by Proxy to keep his domain hoarding a secret. To be on the safe side, avoid the domains Eric Noveshen is known to own listed below. He uses his website to collect information and attempts to install malware and cookies on your computer.






6 thoughts on “Eric Noveshen; Domain Hoarding is so 1999! Beware”

  1. Would ya expect different from man who makes his living scamming stock investors? Making quick $$ off domains used to be easy as Point Click Register. Different suckers same noveshen mentality.


  2. Wow Wow Wow! Has nothing better to do! Has to buy sites in order to resell to people later who need the names but really man I think youre reaching…. Find another way to make money.


  3. Do NOT got on Noveshen Fights back…. Eric will try to get into your computer. Never use Erics computer. He has domains of many kinds this list is not complete. this guy is sick he gets off on owning peoples information.


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