2 thoughts on “Common Law Fraud, Broke NYSE Rules”

  1. This is why Chris Roberts had to save herself, her reputation and divorce him! I’m so happy for her, Eric is evil and harassed her and her parents for years. Now she’s married to a wonderful man who whisked her and Elle off to Tennessee where she’s doing great in school and life miles about from her deadbeat Dad that only had a job 2-3 years of her 13 years! Jodi provides everything that Eric can’t because he’s selfish. He’s a great husband and good Dad to Elle. Not gonna say Step cause he’s done more her her in 3 years than Eric did in 13. If there is a bright side to the Eric Noveshen drama, it’s Chris and Elle escaped his misery. Bless your hearts & welcome home.


  2. Sad the warning signs were there since 2002! Sad. Wish I could get my money back like Adam Shuman.


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