More Dangerous Legal Threats by Eric Noveshen – NSFW

Our last blog, “Noveshen Warns he Has Noting to Lose” was a display of how Eric Noveshen is dangerous in legal settings where he feel he can’t be punished because, as he threatened his ex-wife Christina Carter Roberts,  “when someone has nothing to lose, you really don’t put them in a good position.”  


That blog encouraged a reader to send us a link to another phone call, where again Noveshen threatens that he will use the courts to “blow you away!” The “you” being the other woman Noveshen shares children with, Maggie Welter. As the video says, viewer discretion  advised (foul language). From 2009-2014 it seems Noveshen got more aggressivemore callous, and more dangerous with his threats.

Again viewer discretion advised – NSFW



Screen captures of some of Eric Noveshen’s threats made during this conversation







5 thoughts on “More Dangerous Legal Threats by Eric Noveshen – NSFW”

  1. What an abuser! All around ABUSER! Blow you away??? He must beat all his women and children the way he talks out loud about them in court. Poor Chrissie. Poor Maggie. Most of all poor kids!!!!!! Good luck to them having to deal with Eric Novasen!


  2. This is the same man filing dozens of cases in Broward County Courts??? The Judges need to hear this Eric Noveshen is a lethal lunatic. Listen, he sounds crazy enough to kill.


  3. I hope his ex has a restraining order for her and the kids. This blog is like reading a future 20/20 episode. Very sad and terrifying at same time.


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