Is Noveshen Really in Fear of Isis or is this the Rantings of a Lunatic?


We’re sure you’ve heard by now Eric Noveshen is after this site and anyone else engaging in discussion about him as protected by the first amendment. In February we offered anyone with proof that any of the statements made on this site were incorrect, we would post corrections, no one came forward.

In his first time at bat Noveshen filed a lawsuit with a long list of allegations one of them was that he fears ISIS is out to get him because someone with an Arabic/Muslim name posted a comment about him. When Noveshen doubled his list of allegations and filed it again, we though he must have realized that stating there is a FATWA on your head just because someone who might be Muslim entered the discussion about you makes you sound, well racist comes to mind and as Corey Ribotsky former head of the hedge fund NIR described Noveshen, “off the wall.”  

Stated simply – it sounds down right nutty! Does the guy believe ISIS would find him of any importance? Or is this paragraph of his lawsuit the equivalent of the rantings of a lunatic just to take up more time of the Judges at the Broward Court House?

Noveshen claims he is in “immediate fear of bodily harm, injury, and even death to him.” Kinda like when Noveshen claimed in 2013 that “the outrageous conduct” of Allen Licht caused him to “suffer severe emotional distress.” 

BTW – He spelled FATWA wrong, doesn’t seem to know much about Islam. Peace!

3 thoughts on “Is Noveshen Really in Fear of Isis or is this the Rantings of a Lunatic?”

  1. he’s got some nerve trying to get the Florida court to pity him using fear of Isis when REAL MEN and WOMEN are risking their lives everyday to protect the world from ISIS. If Eric wants to claim a fear of Isis the court should deploy him to Syria. That’s fear jerkoff.


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