Noveshen Accuses Two Moms of Same Parenting Crimes

Eric Noveshen claims that BOTH of the women he had children with are basically terrible parents. Or is he projecting his own lack of parenting skills onto the women he hates because they left Eric Noveshen’s life of “financial infidelity” (as quoted by Christina Carter Roberts)

Noveshen claims the two different Moms:

  1. Cant CoParent
  2.  Alienate his children against him
  3. Claims they try to extort him for child support, despite 9 years of documents showing he fails to pay his support on time if at all (for over 9 years for all 3 children)
  4.  Calls them both women Mentally Ill
  5. Noveshen got a temporary restraining order against Christina Carter for “violence” Crazy how much he must have lied to get that one.

Are the women the problems or is the COMMON denominator Eric Noveshen???


2 thoughts on “Noveshen Accuses Two Moms of Same Parenting Crimes”

  1. Pattern. Sociopath. I hope these women have good lawyers and therapists for the sake of their kids. Parents who have sociopath behaviors stop at nothing. Good luck to the exes and kids who have trauma bonded and probably suffer PTSD from any abuse. This is an upward battle for life.


  2. What a joke! Responding to Charlotte above he’s on all types of dating sites claiming to be a millionaire! I met him years ago when he had Nikki Hilton house that I read he never paid for. I didn’t know he even had a girlfriend at the time with kids! It’s years ago and he’s still using same line and lines on sites! How many kids does he have because he claims only 1 on all the sites? Ladies beware!


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