Oops! Eric Noveshen Sued by American Express – Again

Noveshen refuses to pay American Express - Again

OOPS…. Eric Noveshen did it again! Charged thousand$$ on his American Express Card, sent them a check that bounced and now is being sued for the second time by American Express.

Any guesses how Noveshen will handle this one? Will he deny part of the bill is his like he did in 2008 when he lied and said close to $20,000 was fraud? Will he get his pro se litigant guns loaded and head to the Broward Court house and embark on another six year legal battle with American Express?

One thing is for sure – every other American Express card holder in the WORLD pays higher fees due to financial misconduct like this.

Did Noveshen ever pay off the last American Express judgment? That judgment was for over $80,000 he and his mother charged but refused to pay. Noveshen played the system to get it knocked down to $30,000. More fees for Amex holders who actually pay their bills!

Noveshen refuses to pay American Express - Again

For more information from the last American Express lawsuit against Eric Noveshen and his mother read here:


Credit Card Fraud



Noveshen refuses to pay American Express - Again


Eric Noveshen anti freedom of speech

6 thoughts on “Oops! Eric Noveshen Sued by American Express – Again”

  1. He fooled you once shame on him. He fooled you twice shame on you American Express for giving this man another card. Who’s name will he open the next card in?


  2. Fam bam at the fair and bar spent plenty he can pay his bills just fine. Maybe he has a reason we don’t know


  3. As an AMEX customer who pays his bills on time, I am appalled that AMEX and the Broward Courts let this guy charge enormous amounts then allow him to use the court to not pay and people like me get stuck with higher fees. SHUT HIM DOWN.

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  4. Applause for Eric he’s on FAMILY # 3! DEFAULTS ON CREDIT CARDS LIKE HE DEFAULTS ON FAMILIES. Never has to hang around for the tough stuff just on to the next one.


  5. Eric Novehsen this man is not the father of Jen son C. He has a father Michael Correia who participates, takes care of their son and works hard as a private pilot to provide for his son even if it means missing time with him. Do not confuse a Father with a boyfriend. Even if Jen marries Eric, her son C.s Father will always be Michael.


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