American Express Serves Noveshen

Attorneys for American Express didn’t play the dodge service, then file a motion to quash game always played by Eric Noveshen. They just enlisted the Broward Sheriff Dept. to serve Noveshen.




Noveshen used a different first answer. On August 14th Noveshen asked for a 60 day extension of time to answer the complaint. He said that Amex didn’t serve him until “late July,” July 14th would be middle of July if you can count. They tried to serve him on July 7th but he didn’t answer the door.


One thought on “American Express Serves Noveshen”

  1. Please take notice that Eric Noveshen (“Plaintiff”) has initiated an action in the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit Court of Broward County Florida, cause number CACE-15-021424(13) (“the Action”), due to allegedly false statements made on this blog. In the Action, Plaintiff seeks to subpoena the records for your identifying contact information to be sent to Eric Noveshen at: PO Box 2112, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33303. Plaintiff has filed a subpoena to reveal your identities. You may have a right to file and serve a response to the subpoena. If you intend to file and serve a response in the Action, please do so, or notify us of your intent to do so, on or before September 19, 2016, Eric Noveshen via email court@


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