What’s Behind Noveshen’s Pick for a Mediator?

We got an inquiry last week. Someone ran out of patience when google turned up no reasons why Eric Noveshen would only want to use mediation services with one mediator in particular. With Noveshen there seems to always be a questionable calculation behind his legal actions. Most cannot be discovered until long after a case is over. In this question, Noveshen wants to use a former judge, Laura Watson, out of all the mediators in Broward County for a family mediation. We’ve already covered the “Why” behind some of Noveshen’s choices for mediators in some of Noveshen’s other Broward cases on this blog.

This one we could not explain without asking around. There are legal professionals who have been on the short end of the stick with the Noveshen legal connect-the-dots game and will talk. Those in the know, knew Noveshen’s family law attorney Robert Moraitis is on a friendly enough basis with Watson to have submitted an affidavit in her favor in 2014 when she was under investigation by the Florida Bar. She was later dismissed as a judge and is now doing mediation. There are no tags of the attorney’s name on an online post, just her name is tagged; this would have been long labor to find without help. Do favors sway favors? Maybe in a confidential mediation? Or maybe friendships? (the case of American Express vs. Cheryl Wilson and Eric Noveshen? case08025623) Only time or those in the know will tell. Good luck to you.




2 thoughts on “What’s Behind Noveshen’s Pick for a Mediator?”

  1. if you’re connecting the dots look at what she was canned for insurance settlement dishonesty look at the lawsuit against Eric Noveahen and Tim Wagner connection to big insuranece. Look at attorney mitch kass got his share now in insurance business friends with novashen. Kass wife attorney was Bob Moraitis and the judge was Laura Watson on that case. Starting to catch my drift.


  2. Ask lawyer Robert Moraitis about thousands in attorney fees Judge Watson granted him on worthless vendettas for contempt that had nothing to do with the client or case. Ask about double dipping with his collection company to drain innocent people. He and his partner Peter Ramondi file motion for sanctions against people representing themselves on the SAME DAY IN THE SAME CASE to scare from having voice in court. LOOK the proof is on bad faith lawyers bit. Heads will roll if you dare.


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