Admits to Forgery then Claims Forgery Done Against Him – Mortgage Games

Ironically Eric Noveshen admits he forged a signature of his former wife in relation to a mortgage in 2004, see letter below from his former wife’s attorney. Now twelve years later he is accusing mortgage company Nationstar Mortgage of forging his mother’s signature on the mortgage for the home he lives in. See below Noveshen’s witness list includes a Dr. Laurie H…PhDc we assume he hired her to testify that his Mother’s signature was forged on the mortgage. If it works he will be able to continue to live in his Victoria Park home mortgage and property tax free (hasn’t been paid in years) until they come to some conclusion.




3 thoughts on “Admits to Forgery then Claims Forgery Done Against Him – Mortgage Games”

  1. yeppers Records don’t lie. Eric Noceshen + his secretary robin branovan documents say did some mortgage fraud by signing his exiwifes name Christina carter to a loan document. Robin was the secretary and notary. Christina said she wasnt even there and even though they were husband and wife she could not sue cause it cost $$$. ask her about it now you might get a different answer but she paid lots of $$$ to say this, according to Noveshen he says she “bragged” that she spent $70,000 on the divorce just up to 2004. Want the docs?


  2. Noveshen also claimed that a leasing company KrG pembrooke pines did a forgery against him to try to appeal a 1.3 $$$ million judgment against him. He will accuses anyone of crimes against him to get out of paying his bills check fourt court appeals noveshen v Krg


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