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Noveshen Plagiarized Defamation Lawsuit. Is Plagiarism Perjury?

Eric Noveshen plagiarized a controversial part of his massive defamation lawsuit! 

Noveshen brazenly copied and pasted almost word- for- word his court pleadings where he tells the court he is in constant fear “of bodily harm, injury, and even death to him,” due to Defendants “subjecting him to what is in effect a Fatwah which is an open call for any and all militant Jihadi Muslims should kill Plaintiff.” 

It was recently discovered that Noveshen plagiarized these lines that he swore were true about him from a defamation lawsuit, Montgomery v. Risen et, al. That lawsuit filed almost a year before Noveshen’s concerned a book written by a national security reporter and author, James Risen, about the NSA and CIA. 

Noveshen’s copy and pasted words were about another man. Does that make Noveshen’s pleadings plagiarism or perjury or both? Can we believe anything in Noveshen’s Complaints? What is could be plagiarized? 

  1. February 24, 2015 – Montgomery v. Risen Complaint filed in Federal Court includes these statements: “ISIS has openly pledged to kill members of the US military and persons who are associated with the US military and their families. And “Defendants have subjected plaintiff Montgomery to what is in effect a Fatwah which is an open call for any and all militant Jihadi Muslims should kill Plaintiff Montgomery.” And “Defendants have placed Plaintiff Montgomery in immediate fear of bodily harm, injury, and death to him and his family members.” p7563462Eric Noveshen anti Muslim
  2. December 4, 2015 – Noveshen files his first of now four amended Complaints in his defamation lawsuit. Noveshen plagiarizes the lines from the Montgomery v. Risen lawsuit. Noveshen removes the name Montgomery and states, “Defendants by posting defamatory as defendant John Doe #16 aka Igbal Al-Rahim have subjected Plaintiff to what is in effect a Fatwah, which is an open call that any and all militant Jihadi Muslims should kill Plaintiff. Noveshen also plagiarized this sentence “Isis has openly pledged to kill persons who are associated with the US and their families particularly identified by Islamic Jihad organizations and terrorists.” 

Noveshen also plagiarizes, and arguably commits perjury by copying the NSA / CIA book lawsuit pleading word-for-word: “Defendants have placed plaintiff in immediate fear of bodily harm, injury, and even death to him.” How much will Noveshen lie to illicit sympathy from juries and judges? He stole his pleadings from another man’s experience.  

3. January-March 2016- This blog (not knowing about the existence of the Montgomery v Risen lawsuit) published a blog asking how Noveshen came up the story that “Defendants by posting defamatory as defendant John Doe #16 aka Igbal Al-Rahim has subjected Plaintiff to what is in effect a Fatwah.” The only explanation at the time was that Noveshen thought or just wanted to see if the COURT would buy his legal argument that just because someone with an Arabic name posted a comment about him, that means terrorists want to kill him. Logical? Not really. Racist? Maybe. Looking for pity by lying? Who knew Noveshen was daring enough to rip off lines from another lawsuit!  


4.  March 9, 2016 Noveshen files a First Amended Complaint saying a second time: 


5.  June 2016 – Defendant Welter files a Motion to Dismiss and claims Noveshen’s story of a Fatwa make the lawsuit seem not plausible. 

6.  July 28, 2016 Noveshen changes his argument in his Second Amended Complaint. Maybe he thought someone would find out he plagiarized the Montgomery lawsuit or maybe he thought court would think it ridiculous that terrorists were after him just because someone with an Arabic name made a comment about him that made no threats or references to anything to cause fear. 

7. Noveshen (thinking the Judge and jury will never hear about what he wrote in his first two Complaints) whips up a false story that this blog for no reason called him a racist. Noveshen leaves out the part about his claims in the December 2015 Complaint that was the basis of the blog. 


8.  Noveshen then in both his Second and Third Amended Complaints plagiarizes yet another writer in his lawsuit again word- for- word in trying to paint his ex girlfriend Defendant Welter as a racist. Noveshen plagiarized a blog written by British journalist, author and public commentator Melanie Phillips in 2010 and implied to the Court that this it was written by his ex-girlfriend. 




Plagiarism and Perjury – there’s probably more where it came from (in Noveshen’s lawsuit). Keep digging folks and send in your findings.  

Plagiarism- an act or instance of using or closely imitating the language and thoughts of another author without authorization and the representation of that author’s work as one’s own, as by not crediting the original author. 

Noveshen Says It’s “Hard to Resist the Urge to Engage in Tit-For-Tat Litigation”

Parody or commentary, you decide.

Sometimes “It is hard to resist the urge to engage in tit-for-tat” reporting of Eric Noveshen’s underhanded litigation techniques.

The irony, Noveshen writes in motion he filed in September of 2015 that it is hard for him to “resist the urge to engage in tit-for-tat litigation and seek sanctions…” Has this man ever counted how many motions for sanctions he has filed against opponents? Is he high when he writes this garbage. Has he seen how many meritless motions he files going “tit for tat?” Does he realize he just filed a complaint that is 400 pages long? Or that he was admonished by a federal judge for his relentless attempts and numerous motions trying to depose a billionaire?

Take a look at some of his dockets judge for yourselves, a handful of non-current cases are linked below.







Update: Noveshen’s 2nd American Express Lawsuit for Breach of Contract (Refusing to pay Bill).

Update on the second American Express lawsuit against Eric Noveshen.

It was filed in June 2016. Noveshen was served in July, 2016.

Noveshen asked for an extension of time to answer. A defendant usually has 20 days to answer a complaint.

A hearing was finally held on October 18, 2016. Noveshen did not even go. Maybe he’s too cool for Court, nah he loves the place. He knows he didn’t have to go and he still ended up getting a couple extra months to file an answer. (instead of being due in September) he gets until November.



Investors Hub Defends Privacy Rights of Members

While Eric Noveshen is in pursuit of Does its good to know that  defends the right to speak openly truthfully and anonymously online.

Many seasoned members have posted praise for Investor Hub’s commitment to protecting the identity of its speakers.


Without anonymity the site certainly would not have so many active members. That’s not to say Ihub allows people to come on its site and break the law. They don’t, but Eric Noveshen can’t expect to go on the site and trash talk people like Daniel Jacobs, Ella Licht and Scott Webber then expect no one will throw a curve ball back describing Noveshen’s own actions in the micro cap world.

The following is from, an informative piece about Investor Hubs commitment to protect the identity of its users.


To quote the article by investment goddess Brenda Hamilton, “A third subpoena went to online message board site Investor’s Hub (IHub). IHub, unlike the two clearing firms, chose to respond quickly. It objected that the subpoena was overly broad, requiring the production of tens of thousands of posts “relating to Calissio,” and personal information about dozens of the site’s members. IHub objected that “COR Clearing has failed to identify any actionable post in the underlying litigation. Nor has COR Clearing demonstrated that any of the Posters have any other potentially relevant or discoverable knowledge.” Noting that “similar subpoenas are frequently used to harass, intimidate and/or silence anonymous critics,” IHub asserted that the subpoena was a violation of its privacy policy and other contractual commitments to its members, adding that compliance with it would cause it to violate the Electronic Communications Privacy Act.”

A few of Noveshen’s unsavory posts about Florida Micro and it’s CEO Daniel Jacobs.


Federal and State laws offer the Noveshen and his John Does the same protections to write opinions and or negative things as long as they are true or based on truth


Dirty Legal Game, Don’t Send Opposing Side Motions and Win!


Attorneys beware. If you are handed a case with Eric Noveshen pretending to be opposing counsel (really a pro se wanna-be with no college degree), be on your toes. He will resort to any underhanded tactic to gain the upper hand in litigation.

Noveshen has to play dirty because truth is not on his side so he dirties the water. One of his often used tactics, a simple one to master, you file documents with the court and don’t send them to the opposing party for a chance to respond or act.

Noveshen uses this dirty trick in many cases and it has worked in several courts. In August 2012, he beat out a respected attorney at the Florida Fourth District Court of Appeal by not sending him documents he filed. Then in another case Noveshen even bragged about his “win,” being granted the Writ of Certiorari from the 4thDCA in in 2012. Noveshen claimed he “correctly argued (pro se) and was granted a Writ of Certiorari from the Fourth District Court of Appeal which has one of the highest thresholds to prove at an appellate court.”

However, as the opposing attorney from the case, Barry Franklin, points out in a letter to Noveshen dated 14 days after the 4thDCA document, “You have done this in the past so I guess I should not be surprised that we never received a copy of your Objection and Motion for a Protective Order.”Writ4Writ2Writ1


Abuse of Florida 4th Dist. Court of Appeal for Unjust Enrichment #2

Nov 29 2011, Judgment issued against Noveshen for $1.2 million dollars.

Noveshen does not want to pay it instead he pays the $3,500 filing fee and files frivolous appeal with Florida Court of Appeals, Fourth District.

May 2014 Appeals Court Denies his appeal but he managed to run up the legal tab for KRG CRECKS PEMBROKE PINES and waste court time

Judgment KRG 2011KRG Docket 1KRG Docket 2KRG Docket 3KRG Docket 4KRG 4th Affirmed

American Express Serves Noveshen

Attorneys for American Express didn’t play the dodge service, then file a motion to quash game always played by Eric Noveshen. They just enlisted the Broward Sheriff Dept. to serve Noveshen.




Noveshen used a different first answer. On August 14th Noveshen asked for a 60 day extension of time to answer the complaint. He said that Amex didn’t serve him until “late July,” July 14th would be middle of July if you can count. They tried to serve him on July 7th but he didn’t answer the door.


Broward Courts – Cut Vexatious Litigation Free Up Money $ for Security

Frivolous Litigation Broward Court


When a man accused of murder jumped out of a jury box just prior to a hearing and escaped from the Broward County Courthouse on Friday, July 15th, the internet blew up with commentary declaring who was to blame.–386997511.html

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said lack of funding for security is partly to blame.

“We have been battling with Broward County for three years now asking for adequate staffing for a courthouse that was understaffed since the day I became Sheriff of Broward County,” Israel said in a press conference Friday morning. “If the County is listening we need more money, we need more people.”

People flocked to sites like to voice their opinions, many saying it was an inside job.



The comments are comical to read and spot on. Sheriff Israel on Sunday stopped short of saying it was an inside job but did say the escapee had accomplices and could not explain how the suspect got out of handcuffs or had a key for the cuffs. Four people have been arrested in connection with the escape so far.

Maybe Broward County should cut down on the amount of frivolous litigation it allows and the County Commissioners would have MORE MONEY FOR COURTHOUSE SECURITY for real litigation. Might also cut down on the amount of lawyers, court reporters and court affiliated readers who label Broward Courts a “circus” in courthouse news commentary.

In one quick search online as a layperson with no court affiliation you can find seven individuals, including Eric Noveshen, who have filed litigation this year who can legally be deemed a vexatious litigant. If given the access Chief Judge Weinstein and his staff have to court filings that number is much higher. Someone needs to start cross-referencing, building a better list of vexatious litigants and not be afraid to declare them VL. Sure frivolous filers will march to the Fourth DCA to appeal the decision of the unlucky Judge who has to make that call, its the nature of the vexatious beast. But the issue is black and white as outlined by the Florida Supreme Court. Someone either meets the criteria of a vexatious litigant or not.

Weinstein and Broward County Commissioners should encourage and support and Judges who enforce Florida’s vexatious litigant law. It serves the residents of Broward for the Courts to cut down on frivolous litigation so the Court can serve those with legit litigation at the best capacity. That includes keeping court-goers safe.

Once a plaintiff or counter plaintiff pays the $400 filing fee they can file motions for years without ever paying another dime. After the $400 filing fee, tax payers pick up the bill for for the clerks, security, other court staff and the Judge to handle frivolous lawsuits. This must be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The frivolous filers should foot the bill, not tax payers. This would certainly free up money to staff Broward’s Courts with additional deputies and security. And for the courthouse to police those who might be involved with inside fraud jobs such as assisting in an escape.

Eric Noveshen Vexatious Litigant

Noveshen Asking the Court to Conceal Stories about his Abuse of Courts

Ft. Lauderdale Man Refuses to Pay Mortgage, Ties Lender Up in Court

Noveshen’s Five Frivolous Steps To Avoid Paying Credit Card Bills

Novsehen sued by American Express

Avoid Foreclosure While Not Paying Your Mortgage, in Broward Court like Noveshen, Deny-Delay

Eric Noveshen anti freedom of speech




Lil Wayne – Avoid Your American Express Bill With this 5-Step Frivolous Litigation Technique!

Novsehen sued by American Express

What does Eric Novsehen have in common with rap star Lil Wayne? Both are being sued by American Express according to court documents filed in the last six weeks.

Lil Wayne is being sued for $86,396.75 in unpaid bills. Eric Noveshen was sued in Broward County, Florida in 2008 by American Express for a similar amount, $81,354.24. Noveshen was sued again by Amex in June 2016 for $29,000 for new unpaid bills.

Behold the 5-Step Eric Noveshen Wipe-Out-Debt with Frivolous Litigation Playbook

It works! By running American Express to the Broward Courts for six years, Noveshen was able to get them to settle his $81K debt for only $30,000 and he didn’t have to pay a dime of legal fees! That’s $50,000 of FREE MONEY Noveshen got to spend on the dime of other Amex card holders. 


The only downside, you have to file A LOT of FRIVOLOUS motions. See how many here:

Amex V Wilson Noveshen Docket

Young Money Welcome to Free Money! Here’s how it works:

1. First claim you were not served:


2. Play Victim. Claim AmEx is “harassing” and causing you “emotional discomfort” by trying to collect the money you owe them: 

adccamexScam to Avoid Credit Card Eric Noveshencc33amex

3. Ask the Judge to sanction Amex for trying to collect money you owe them.

4. When American Express gets a judgment despite all your frivolous filings, file an appeal at your state Appeals Court. This delays and maybe Amex will settle with you:

Frivolous Appeal Florida 4th DCA

5. You are likely to lose the appeal, as Noveshen did. But by this time Amex will have spent so much legal money they might agree to mediation.

Pull some strings and find a mediator office you have a friend of a friend who works there like people speculate Noveshen did. Amex lawyers won’t know and may not care they are only hired by Amex, you’ll have a leg up.

Noveshen did exactly that and after six years of burdening the Broward Court of Florida with frivolous litigation he was able to settle his $80,000 bill for less than half – $30,000. – $50,000 of free money for Noveshen at the expense of Broward County tax payers and American Express card holders who pay more in fees for frivolous litigation like this. But we think Noveshen relates to your lyrics: You observin it, I’m absorbin it, Judge mad cause a n—a make more than him.” 

Novsehen sued by American Express


Eric Noveshen /his company Bridgwater Advisors were sued agiain by American Express for unpaid bills of $29,000. You can watch that case to see if Noveshen has any new legal tricks up his sleeve to get out of paying debt. It’s brilliant on one hand, on the other it’s a shame the legal system allows it to burden the courts.

Noveshen refuses to pay American Express - Again

Noveshen refuses to pay American Express - Again