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Noveshen Accused of Defrauding Companies, False Docs, lies theft

Eric Noveshen’s is most renowned for his ability to spin a “web of deception” in business, allowing him to amass large paydays in a short time frame. One problem; the tactics Noveshen uses as spelled out in the court documents below: lying to investors, companies, business partners, manufacturing fake documents, and covering the pot holes with phony “pep talks” to business leaders who feel their companies crumbling beneath them until he makes it out the door with as much cash as he can – could be considered illegal.

Below, court documents from one example, Noveshen involvement with penny stock Spa Capsule (SMEV). The group behind this pump n dump got LUCKY. The owner’s lawsuit was not successful because he was neither a buyer or seller of the stock and he blew the statue of limitations. Let Allen Licht’s loss be a lesson to anyone potentially doing business with Noveshen. This lawsuit and many others suggest Eric Noveshen is . He is a master of fraud, and master of getting away with it

install his mom as bookkeeper

SMEV 4Eric

SMEV 6Eric

One of the pep talks, “We will succeed together” writes Eric Noveshen. It was a bs email to buy time while they got into place to sell off more stock making it worthless.

False Pep Talk.jpg

Pump and Dump Story Smev 1

smev story 2

Ironically, Pdgood on Investors Hub once described Eric Noveshen as: man on ground

smev story 3

smev story 4