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Eric Noveshen’s Attempt to Defraud One of Fort Lauderdale’s Most Charitable Men

Eric Noveshen’s lack of a moral compass is made clear by his fraudulent actions that have caused financial injury and stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from many, including American Express, Nationstar Mortgage, Andew Kostas, JP Morgan Chase, Paul Carter, Jack Boyle, Kirk Newkirk, Citibank, and even his OWN biological grandmother! He feels entitled, and gets a free pass for these despicable actions through his frequent abuse the Broward County Courts, in addition to his misuse of Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeals and the United States Federal Courts.

Leave it to Noveshen to take advantage of such a generous man. Eric Noveshen began employment with Jack Boyle, who is in his 80’s and his family’s company Multaply in 2013. Beginning in the fall of 2014, unsatisfied with his income, Noveshen began conspiring a plan to take millions from Jack Boyle. Ultimately in December of 2014 talking Mr. Boyle into using his house (worth $4.8-million) as collateral to buy a company that under Eric Noveshen’s twisted plan was destined to fail and default into the hands of Noveshen’s conspirators. Sadly, if Mr. Boyle didn’t have good attorney’s and advisors Noveshen planned to take Jack Boyle’s home and call it his own might have succeeded.

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Eric Noveshen/ Cheryl Wilson v. American Express



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