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Noveshen: Likes to Harass with Fishing Expeditions but Uncover His Dirt and he Cries Legal Foul.


Seventy two pages seems like a lot to hide. Read it here: 



Documents Reveal Legal Trickery Likely Got Eric Noveshen off the Hook for Domestic Abuse


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In our last blog we advised against visiting Eric Noveshen’s fight back site as it attempts to gain information from your computer. Instead we took the risk for you and unmasked a slew legal allegations and other dirt he’s collected on a slew of people from his sister to his one-time boss at Multaply Inc.

There’s a partial order we took interest in, its got scandal, sex, lies all the makings for a great story. But we wondered why did he only put up 3 out of 10 pages of  an order on “Petitioner’s Request for Domestic Violence Restraining Order” dated April 29, 2014.

Ahh, the three pages Noveshen put up make him look innocent and his former girlfriend look like a liar. But more often than not with people like Noveshen it’s what they don’t show you that contains the real story. In pages 1-3 you see that the “Mother,” Noveshen’s Ex loses her request for a permanent restraining order. But read on and you see that the Court did issue a restraining order/order of protection against Eric Noveshen restricting visitation with his 3 year old son. Now you see why Novsehen only publishes three pages.




In the very bulky binders of paper you find paperwork that suggests that Noveshen’s standard legal trickery may have gotten him off the hook for child abuse. In our opinion that is a serious failure of the legal system.

How did Noveshen do it?

As part of his defamation lawsuit, Noveshen references a child abuse report made against him, we can’t get a copy of that nor do we really want to see it. A few weeks later a temporary restraining order was issued for the girlfriend Welter and their two children.

A hearing for a permanent restraining order was set for April 28, 2014. But on April 21, 2014, Eric Noveshen’s new attorney – Hollywood Royalty herself as she represented Kelly Rutherford – Lisa Meyers sent a letter to Welter’s attorney saying “it does not appear that we will be proceeding with the hearing of April 28.” Note the clever language, they don’t outright lie and say the hearing is canceled they just IMPLY that the hearing is not going forward. Clever attorney and quite worth a $30,000 retainer (when we recently checked).


While Welter was probably not preparing for the hearing on April 28th, Noveshen was, docket entries in the case show that Noveshen knew all along that he intended to go forward with the hearing and making Welter think there would be no hearing was a brilliant way to sneak into the Court record a 80 page plus reply and deprive Welter and her attorneys the chance to see or reply to it before they were right in front of the Judge. On April 25, 2014 Noveshen filed his papers. Flight records show that Noveshen and his mother Cheryl Wilson flew to California that weekend. Then BOOM April 28, 2014 there is Noveshen looking like an angel standing before the Judge while Welter was no where in site.

From the Transcript: 



What a sucker! In legal matters, Eric Noveshen does NOTHING in good faith, according to all the documentation we have reviewed from his countless cases.

To add insult to injury, Noveshen’s attorneys even served his paperwork “Request for Order” to Welter’s attorney’s office while they were in the hearing. See the Proof of Service below is dated April 28, 2014 – the day of the hearing!! Way to blind side the opposition! With the amount of bold lies we’ve seen across the board in Noveshen’s litigation against dozens of opponents there is no way Welter or anyone could stand a chance walking into a hearing not knowing what falsified allegations or manufactured documents the Judge might have already read without your knowledge.

What separates this story of Noveshen legal manipulation from the others is this one impacted a child. Which goes to show you if you are up against Noveshen for something simple like a contract dispute (IE ), if he will stoop to low dirty legal tricks like this in matters that involve his own child be prepared for an abundance of legal games, lies and manipulation in other matters.



Since that hearing Eric Noveshen has been using that Order to obtain sympathy of Courts and individuals. Noveshen uses this Order that he obtained through abuse of the legal system to discredit Welter and uses it in life to obtain sympathy and money. The tale of the evil woman who stole his children netted Noveshen loans of over $50,000 to help him fight to get his children back. Noveshen’s entitled to his opinion/analysis of the Order and we are entitled to ours.

If no abuse occurred why was Eric Noveshen ordered only Monitored Visitation with his son?

“Respondent Father shall have no visitation with R     .”  (From the Same Order)

What would have happened if Noveshen had NOT TRICKED WELTER INTO NOT COMING TO THE HEARING and playing by the rules and delivered his “Request for Order” to Welter 9 days prior to the hearing as he was supposed to?

If Eric Noveshen was so innocent why did he have to play so dirty? Innocent people don’t have to play games.

Fourth, you expect the public to believe you were raising three children filing reams of litigation in, (at the time, American Express v. Cheryl Wilson & Eric Noveshen, KRG v. Eric Noveshen, Noveshen v. Bridgewater Associates, Allen Licht v. Eric Noveshen, Nationstar Mortgage v. Cheryl Wilson & Noveshen and Estelle Hartman v. Eric Noveshen. ?????

Doesn’t compute.

Noveshen – as seen in case-after-case relies on games and manipulation of the Courts.





Noveshen Plays Attorney but Doesn’t Play by the Rules

For someone who likes to play an attorney, Eric Noveshen seems to have trouble translating the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure.

Noveshen is in a tail spin trying to remove from the web all the real, legit and truthful information about his various scams including stock fraud, mortgage fraud, fraud on the court and other information. Makes sense, the gig is up if people know the truth so hiding the truth is essential for his survival.

A little history, Noveshen’s first “legal high” by committing discovery abuses came at the expense of his Former Wife Christina Carter. She worked for BCBG and he wanted her income records. So he sent BCBG a subpoena, which he is allowed to do if he did it correctly.

This is how it is supposed to work: Florida RULE 1.351 PRODUCTION OF DOCUMENTS AND THINGS WITHOUT DEPOSITION

(a) Request; Scope. A party may seek inspection and copying of any documents or things within the scope of rule 1.350(a) from a person who is not a party by issuance of a subpoena directing the production of the documents or things when the requesting party does not seek to depose the custodian or other person in possession of the documents or things.

(b) Procedure. A party desiring production under this rule shall serve notice on every other party of the intent to serve a subpoena under this rule at least 10 days before the subpoena is issued if the service is by mail.

But Noveshen skipped a step, on purpose. Instead of sending a Notice to Ms. Carter’s attorney that he intended to send a subpoena to BCBG, he just sent the subpoena to BCBG depriving Ms. Carter of her legal right to file an objection. The subpoena looked very legit with the court stamp and signed ERIC NOVESHEN FOR THE COURT. BCBG sent Noveshen the records, he was thrilled. Christina Carter’s attorney had to file an objection with the court due to his discovery abuse.

Noveshen has done this dirty legal trick dozens of times since that first one in 2009. Now Noveshen is doing the same thing to have information from this and other sites revealed. He filed a Notice of Intent to serve several subpoenas, the one below on March 11 and then wants the documents 10 days later. If he followed the rules, he would wait until March 21 (10 days) to even mail the subpoena to the 3rd party. Then the 3rd party has about two weeks to produce the documents.


We don’t even think he looked at a calendar before cranking this out because today is Monday March 21st, Wednesday is the 23rd. Might wanna lay off the Coronas.

This reminds us of the various times Noveshen thought his legal knowledge so superior of others that he had to “teach the Defendant’s very capable four (4) law firms and eight (8) attorneys about the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.” 

Nor should a blog have to teach Eric Noveshen to follow the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure.

Should not have to teach attorneys2



Noveshen Dirty Legal Tactic – Don’t Send Opposing Party Motions and Win!!


Eric Noveshen dirty court game #, sorry we lost count.

A simple tactic to master, you file documents with the court and don’t send them to the opposing party for a chance to respond or act.

Noveshen uses this dirty trick in many cases and it has worked in several courts. In August 2012, he beat out a respected attorney at the Florida Fourth District Court of Appeal by not sending him documents he filed. Then in another case Noveshen even bragged about his “win,” being granted the Writ of Certiorari from the 4thDCA in in 2012. Noveshen claimed he “correctly argued (pro se) and was granted a Writ of Certiorari from the Fourth District Court of Appeal which has one of the highest thresholds to prove at an appellate court.”

However, as the opposing attorney from the case, Barry Franklin, points out in a letter to Noveshen dated 14 days after the 4thDCA document, “You have done this in the past so I guess I should not be surprised that we never received a copy of your Objection and Motion for a Protective Order.”


Bragging rights aren’t justified, that doesn’t stop Noveshen from including this in a filing from 2015: