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Noveshen is Unjustly Enriched by Frivilously using Florida’s courts to Dodge Credit Card Bills.


Unjust Enrichment, Noveshen is Unjustly Enriched by Frivilously using  Florida’s courts to Dodge Credit Card Bills.

These are his standard steps. Check the docket where Noveshen is litigating against a credit card company. Dockets don’t lie.

1. Eric Noveshen charges $80,000 and enjoyed the high life.

2. Eric Noveshen and his Mom (Wilson) refuse to pay the bill.

3. American Express gets Judgment against Noveshen and his mother for just over $80,000.

4. Noveshen files frivolous appeal with Florida 4th District Appeals Court.

5. Noveshen’s legal games and deceit cost Amex so much he legal fees they settled for only

Novsehen sued by American ExpressFrivolous Appeal Florida 4th DCA

Docket 4th DCA amex

Eric Noveshen’s Judicial Abuse Cloaked in Irony

Fraud on the Court

– Transcript, Eric Noveshen argues the US Constitution gives him the right to file appeals.

But does the Constitution give you the right to abuse the legal system charged with protecting those Constitutional rights? We think not. On one hand Noveshen wants to use the Constitution for his benefit on the other he wants to smother the Constitutional rights of others to discuss his abuse of the legal and financial systems of this country.

In other words he wants to have his cake, eat it too and leave crumbs all over court houses around this country!

Think a moment of the Judicial System as a person named Justice- Eric Noveshen is asking “Justice” to protect him while he abuses “Justice”

–  It just doesn’t make sense.


Fraud on the Court

On that note, we present an uncomplete list of the many cases in which Noveshen has played his dirty legal tricks to game the Court system he is now asking to shut down dialogue about him.

Noveshen Cases 2Noveshen Cases 3Noveshen Cases 1Noveshen Cases 4

KRG 4th Affirmed



Eric Noveshen anti freedom of speech






Eric Noveshen Copy & Paste Lawsuits, Vexatious Litigant 101

Noveshen wants Payday at Court

Eric Noveshen aka Broward County’s most brazen Pro Se litigant, most would say vexatious litigant with 42 cases under his belt, has mastered the art of the COPY-AND-PASTE-LAWSUIT. We thought that was reserved for lawyers practicing at least 5 years! It’s very practical for a man like Noveshen with multiple claims of fraud and judgments to fend off at a time.

In 2012 Noveshen was sued in Federal court with others for a pump-and-dump penny stock scam of a company he served as a consultant to Spa Capsule of Aventura, FL.  Allen Licht v. Ajene Watson et al. 2012  

Noveshen can’t take a lawsuit like a man, own up to his mistakes and move on. That’s no fun for a vexatious litigant. What is fun is to counter sue and make the other side pay for daring to question your actions. Lucky for Noveshen he secretly brought his mother as the “bookkeeper” of Spa Capsule to doctor up the books as a protection plan in the event of a lawsuit. Allen Licht mentions this in his original complaint.

So on July 2, 2013 Eric Noveshen filed a counter-suit against Allen Licht accusing him of all kinds of things including Defamation, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress and Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress. Poor guy. 

Given his history of scamming as sport, it seems that after filing the Licht lawsuit Noveshen concocted a plan to copy-and-paste parts of that lawsuit into a new lawsuit against the respected hedge fund Bridgewater Associates. Maybe he hopes to over litigate them to the point they will pay the “Pro Se Punk,” a screen name on Investorhub to go away.

Behold the works of legal fiction below. Two defendants guilty of the same crime. Seems a lot of people are out to defame Eric Noveshen and inflict stress on him. Poor guy. Or is he doing it to himself? Poor guy.

Eric Noveshen Copy and Paste Lawsuits6

Eric Noveshen Copy and Paste Lawsuits

Eric Noveshen Copy and Paste Lawsuits2Eric Noveshen Copy and Paste Lawsuits3

Eric Noveshen Copy and Paste Lawsuits6

13 Days Later Noveshen filed …..

Noveshen v. Bridgewater Associates

Eric Noveshen Copy and Paste Lawsuits6

Copy Paste 6

Eric Noveshen Copy and Paste Lawsuits6

Eric Noveshen Copy and Paste Lawsuits6