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Noveshen: Likes to Harass with Fishing Expeditions but Uncover His Dirt and he Cries Legal Foul.


Seventy two pages seems like a lot to hide. Read it here: 



Dirty Legal Game, Don’t Send Opposing Side Motions and Win!


Attorneys beware. If you are handed a case with Eric Noveshen pretending to be opposing counsel (really a pro se wanna-be with no college degree), be on your toes. He will resort to any underhanded tactic to gain the upper hand in litigation.

Noveshen has to play dirty because truth is not on his side so he dirties the water. One of his often used tactics, a simple one to master, you file documents with the court and don’t send them to the opposing party for a chance to respond or act.

Noveshen uses this dirty trick in many cases and it has worked in several courts. In August 2012, he beat out a respected attorney at the Florida Fourth District Court of Appeal by not sending him documents he filed. Then in another case Noveshen even bragged about his “win,” being granted the Writ of Certiorari from the 4thDCA in in 2012. Noveshen claimed he “correctly argued (pro se) and was granted a Writ of Certiorari from the Fourth District Court of Appeal which has one of the highest thresholds to prove at an appellate court.”

However, as the opposing attorney from the case, Barry Franklin, points out in a letter to Noveshen dated 14 days after the 4thDCA document, “You have done this in the past so I guess I should not be surprised that we never received a copy of your Objection and Motion for a Protective Order.”Writ4Writ2Writ1


Eric Noveshen Owes off to Litigate Goes, Just Like Donald Trump

If Eric Noveshen owes money to individuals, companies, credit cards, word of advice cut and run. The Noveshen litigation strategy is simple and extremely well documented in dockets for over 42 cases where he proceeded pro se, intentionally filing mountains of motions purposely to run up the opposing sides costs and fees in hopes that they would quit or settle for pennies on the dollar.

Eric Noveshen Broward Court HouseNoveshen Cases 1Noveshen Cases 2Noveshen Cases 3Noveshen Cases 4

In this respect, Noveshen shares a lot on common with presidential candidate Donald Trump. Trump has been accused of using the same despicable abuse of the legal system to squeeze individuals and companies he owes money to out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Trump seems to think that’s a smart way to do business. Eric Noveshen seems to think that’s a smart way to do business. No wonder both of their business reputations belong in the toilet.

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Eric Noveshen Copy & Paste Lawsuits, Vexatious Litigant 101

Noveshen wants Payday at Court

Eric Noveshen aka Broward County’s most brazen Pro Se litigant, most would say vexatious litigant with 42 cases under his belt, has mastered the art of the COPY-AND-PASTE-LAWSUIT. We thought that was reserved for lawyers practicing at least 5 years! It’s very practical for a man like Noveshen with multiple claims of fraud and judgments to fend off at a time.

In 2012 Noveshen was sued in Federal court with others for a pump-and-dump penny stock scam of a company he served as a consultant to Spa Capsule of Aventura, FL.  Allen Licht v. Ajene Watson et al. 2012  

Noveshen can’t take a lawsuit like a man, own up to his mistakes and move on. That’s no fun for a vexatious litigant. What is fun is to counter sue and make the other side pay for daring to question your actions. Lucky for Noveshen he secretly brought his mother as the “bookkeeper” of Spa Capsule to doctor up the books as a protection plan in the event of a lawsuit. Allen Licht mentions this in his original complaint.

So on July 2, 2013 Eric Noveshen filed a counter-suit against Allen Licht accusing him of all kinds of things including Defamation, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress and Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress. Poor guy. 

Given his history of scamming as sport, it seems that after filing the Licht lawsuit Noveshen concocted a plan to copy-and-paste parts of that lawsuit into a new lawsuit against the respected hedge fund Bridgewater Associates. Maybe he hopes to over litigate them to the point they will pay the “Pro Se Punk,” a screen name on Investorhub to go away.

Behold the works of legal fiction below. Two defendants guilty of the same crime. Seems a lot of people are out to defame Eric Noveshen and inflict stress on him. Poor guy. Or is he doing it to himself? Poor guy.

Eric Noveshen Copy and Paste Lawsuits6

Eric Noveshen Copy and Paste Lawsuits

Eric Noveshen Copy and Paste Lawsuits2Eric Noveshen Copy and Paste Lawsuits3

Eric Noveshen Copy and Paste Lawsuits6

13 Days Later Noveshen filed …..

Noveshen v. Bridgewater Associates

Eric Noveshen Copy and Paste Lawsuits6

Copy Paste 6

Eric Noveshen Copy and Paste Lawsuits6

Eric Noveshen Copy and Paste Lawsuits6