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Noveshen: Likes to Harass with Fishing Expeditions but Uncover His Dirt and he Cries Legal Foul.


Seventy two pages seems like a lot to hide. Read it here: 



Connecting the dots Encompass Holdings, Daryl Dworkin, Eric Noveshen & NIR

Connect the dots….   Daryl Dworkin (then employee of NIR see email address ddworkin@nirgroup.com) + Encompass Holdings + Murry Goldenberg and Arthur Robbins (then CFO and Director of Encompass) + Eric Noveshen (PIPE deal finder for NIR) said to have paid kickbacks to Daryl Dworkin.

Encompass D dworkin letter

Goldenburg and Robbins.png

**Must be approved by NIR

must be approved by NIR

A description of Eric Noveshen/Envision Capital’s involvement with Encompass Holdings and NIR from Investors Hub, the site is a wealth of knowledge.


After being booted out, Envision Capital went after Encompass Holdings in court and had harsh words for Webber, “Scott Webber is a crook who killed his shareholders.” No wonder he holds a grudge, the courts rejected Noveshen / Envision’s attempt to collect for unpaid consulting fees.

pd on envision encompass 2

More mentions of the “Mob on Wall Street” on in June 2015 on Investors Hub.


Mob on wall street

As for the “Mob on Wall Street” guess ya had to be there….