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Family Fraud, Risky Business – Did Noveshen Steal from Grandma? Or Will He Repay?

To answer the question posed to us on Sun. June 19, yes we are happy to post submissions from guest bloggers. Blogs must be based on credible information and documentation such that the content is accurate and true.


Presented below, a letter written to Jack Boyle of Ft Lauderdale, FL in January 2015 by the grandmother of Eric Noveshen, Estelle Hartman. As stated in the letter Hartman learned that multimillionaire Jack Boyle, in his 80’s, had employed her grandson Eric Noveshen. Hartman issued a warning to Boyle about loaning money to Noveshen and some other interesting information that all investors and business clients should have the right to consider. We have reviewed and there is documentation available to support the warnings and entire Hartman letter. God bless this poor woman. *Names of children have been removed.

Eric Noveshen Steals from his Grandmother

Eric Noveshen Steals from his GrandmotherEric Noveshen Steals from his Grandmother

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2-19-15 Auction Coconut

Eric Noveshen anti freedom of speech

Noveshen Accuses Two Moms of Same Parenting Crimes

Eric Noveshen claims that BOTH of the women he had children with are basically terrible parents. Or is he projecting his own lack of parenting skills onto the women he hates because they left Eric Noveshen’s life of “financial infidelity” (as quoted by Christina Carter Roberts)

Noveshen claims the two different Moms:

  1. Cant CoParent
  2.  Alienate his children against him
  3. Claims they try to extort him for child support, despite 9 years of documents showing he fails to pay his support on time if at all (for over 9 years for all 3 children)
  4.  Calls them both women Mentally Ill
  5. Noveshen got a temporary restraining order against Christina Carter for “violence” Crazy how much he must have lied to get that one.

Are the women the problems or is the COMMON denominator Eric Noveshen???


More Dangerous Legal Threats by Eric Noveshen – NSFW

Our last blog, “Noveshen Warns he Has Noting to Lose” was a display of how Eric Noveshen is dangerous in legal settings where he feel he can’t be punished because, as he threatened his ex-wife Christina Carter Roberts,  “when someone has nothing to lose, you really don’t put them in a good position.”  


That blog encouraged a reader to send us a link to another phone call, where again Noveshen threatens that he will use the courts to “blow you away!” The “you” being the other woman Noveshen shares children with, Maggie Welter. As the video says, viewer discretion  advised (foul language). From 2009-2014 it seems Noveshen got more aggressivemore callous, and more dangerous with his threats.

Again viewer discretion advised – NSFW 




Screen captures of some of Eric Noveshen’s threats made during this conversation







Noveshen Warns he Has Nothing to Lose

Eric Noveshen has nothing to lose. At least that’s the story he’s been telling since 2005. The man knows how play the pity card that’s for sure. The story begins with his bankruptcy filing in 2005. He had nothing for the creditors to take, he had nothing to lose by filing. His home hidden in his mother’s name, he made a deal to pay for his beat up RX7, his wife had left him in 2003, he had nothing to lose. In his own words, when Noveshen has nothing to lose, he is dangerous. “See here’s the thing, Christie,” Noveshen said to his ex-wife, “when someone has nothing to lose, you really don’t put them in a good position.”  


In this situation, Noveshen is telling his ex-wife, Christina Carter, he has nothing to lose, she was trying to work out a custody arrangement with him so they could avoid going to court. But that’s no fun for a vexatious litigant like Eric Noveshen. See if the court case ended he would need a new individual or company to kick around in court. Eric Noveshen has nothing to lose and that’s why he’s dangerous in court. He won’t lose his job spending too many hours on his cases, he hasn’t had a real job in a year and between 2005-2013 he was self employed making money off market manipulations. He couldn’t lose his home, he hasn’t had one in his name since 2003 and doesn’t pay the mortgage anyway. He won’t lose money paying a lawyer, he plays his own lawyer. He tells so many lies in court he believes them so he doesn’t lose integrity . So his warning to Ex-Carter was genuine.

And that’s the RUB folks. Eric Noveshen has nothing to lose and that’s what makes dealing with Noveshen dangerous, he thrives being in the position of making his opponent lose, if nothing else money for legal fees, while he risks nothing. How else would he get away with jabs at his ex-wife like, “your head firmly planet in the clouds,” if it wasn’t under the guise of litigation?








Eric Noveshen Verbally Abusive to Women

Eric Noveshen’s tendency to talk down to women has been documented in police reports. When he doesn’t need something from a woman respect is out the door. Women make up 47-48% of the work force according to the Department of Labor, investors and companies might want to think twice before allowing Noveshen to deal with female employees. Below is just one example, a court document from Christina Noveshen n/k/a Christina Carter v. Eric Noveshen (Broward County) showing how Noveshen spoke to his Ex-wife, C Carter on a phone call in February, 2009. Christina Carter is a recruiter for a major fashion brand and makes more than Noveshen yet he tells her “your head is firmly planted in the clouds.” 

Noveshen tells his ex-wife there is “reality” and “some planet that you live on.” Subtle verbal put downs. Wonder if Noveshen ever asked himself how he would feel if someone ever treats his daughter the way he treated her Mother?