Mortgage Fraud: Noveshen still living Rent Free Abusing Broward Court System

This is a follow up to a blog we posted on September 25 2015: “No Rent No Mortgage, No Problem: Fighting Foreclosures is Second Nature to Noveshen. Don’t Tell the Neighbors.”

Eric Noveshen and his straw-buyers his Mother and Grandmother collectively have been sued for foreclosure for non-payment of mortgage, six times. They lost homes in three out of the six lawsuits but lived nicely for a decade for free in two of the others by abusing the Broward County Court foreclosure process.

The pattern according to court documents and pleadings: 1. They get into a home pay for a while 2. Stop paying mortgage. 3. Noveshen begins running mortgage companies in and out of Broward County Courts 4. Remain in homes without paying mortgage, Broward property taxes and insurance.

Current case: Noveshen’s current residence, in his Mother’s name Cheryl D. Wilson, Nationstar v. Cheryl Wilson, et al. Noveshen moved into the house in 2004, home went into foreclosure in 2005. They paid up but stopped paying again. House back in foreclosure in 2008. Noveshen took to the Broward Courts to get the foreclosure tossed out. Nationstar mortgage filed again in 2013. From 2007-present (2015) Noveshen and his Mother have occupied or rented the home out without paying one dollar except in court fees. In the same time they enjoyed cruises and trips around the world and purchased three new cars.

Documents below show Nationstar trying to prevent Noveshen from filing on behalf of his Mother (he tried to pretend he was Mom’s husband in motions filed in 2014 he writes, “Former Husband, Eric Noveshen”). But Wilson depends on her litigious son to save her from having to pay her bills so he filed a motion to insert himself in the case.

Page 4 reveals their Get the House for FREE tactic: claim the mortgage company committed fraud/doesn’t have original documents. Would this mean everyone whose mortgages are sold to other companies should get FREE HOMES TOO? Dangerous precedent. 

Mortgage Fraud 1

Mortgage Fraud 1

Mortgage Fraud 1

Mortgage Fraud 1

motion to move en off case

Cheryl Wilson’s new car worth over $20-thousand purchased outright in 2015, NO LIEN HOLDER – means she paid in full. Instead of paying their mortgage. Why? Because they can! 

Mortgage Fraud 1




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