Abuse of Florida Courts, Eric Noveshen’s 42 Cases

A November 9th blog, “Noveshen wants Pity, Plays Attorney,” referenced the Broward County resident’s 29 frivolous cases since 2005. We looked closer into it and would like to make a correction. Since 2002 Eric Noveshen was sued,  or counter-sued a person /company in 42 cases since 2003! We were asked if we have a list. Took a while but we found one.

The worst kind of Pro Se litigant is the one who thinks he’s smarter than other lawyers and even the judge. Broward County’s version of Roy Pearson (the infamous “pants lawsuit”) where Pearson demanded $67 million because a dry cleaner fried his pants. Noveshen is almost that extreme. He abuses and uses local and Federal courts, it appears, to clear his credit card debts, to live free without having to pay mortgage or property taxes and to exact revenge on those he has stolen money from who dared try to collect. The sick part is he seems to enjoy it. Noveshen wrote on his Facebook, “Eric Noveshen is a legal eagle.” After getting The Honorable Judge Horowitz to requse himself – after Noveshen tried three times and finally got his way by personally insulting the Judge.

Noveshen has sued as a plaintiff or filed a counter-suit in over 29 cases since 2005. (Correction – 42 cases in 12 years)

42 vexatious cases demonstrate Noveshen’s dirty legal tactics: Lies in pleadings; stall tactics (filing worthless appeals to the 4th DCA of Florida); Disregard for Federal and State Rules of Civil Procedure; Using friendships with Judges and Mediators to win favor in his cases.

Eric Noveshen Broward Court HouseEric Noveshen entering the Employees and Attorney’s Only Entrance at Broward Court House

Noveshen Cases 1

Noveshen Cases 2

Noveshen Cases 3Noveshen Cases 5Noveshen Cases 4



12 thoughts on “Abuse of Florida Courts, Eric Noveshen’s 42 Cases”

  1. Not only that- the local TV stations investigative reporters should do an expose` on this guy! He makes it bad for all the people that have legit issues that need to be heard by the courts!


  2. Waste of our tax dollars! Look at how many suits he has filed?!!! Is this legal?!!! Why is our court system at Broward not reviewing him? He’s obviously a narcissist, enjoying abusing the court system and people! And he’s entering the attorney employee door! Eric Novashen your obviously pro se not a legitimate lawyer. Use the regular door like everyone else! This whole site is pretty disturbing! Glad Mr. Novashen is being exposed! Karma man. Wait for it.


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