Business Community What does “Off the Wall” say about a VC?

A viewer recently asked what it means when a business man is described as “off the wall,” as Eric Noveshen was described by Corey Ribotsky, former head of the now defunct NIR Group in a deposition:

Eric Noveshen can be off the wall

We would love to hear thoughts from the business community or anyone else. What did Corey Ribotsky mean?

For anyone interested in more info or updates on the latest on the governments efforts to collect the $14.5 million the NIR Group scammed from investors, check out this interesting read:

SEC knew Collecting $14.5 mn Hedgie Ribotsky fine Would Fail

N.I.R. Group hedge fund founder, Corey Ribotsky, filed for personal bankruptcy leaving a whopping $36 million of debt unpaid a year after he settled with the SEC for investor fraud. Today I am reporting for Growth Capitalist that court records allude to the notion that the government knew Ribotsky wouldn’t be able to pay his multi-million dollar fine when they backed down from taking him to trial and agreed to a settlement in 2013.

(more on

2 thoughts on “Business Community What does “Off the Wall” say about a VC?”

  1. Corey was being nice just saying Eric is “off the wall” At least Corey can was a successful fraud that rose to the top. Eric Noveshen rose to what? Defrauding his own family, an insignificant amount of penny stock investors only landed him in his mama’s house hiding behind hurricane shutters.


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