Noveshen Promotes Scam Website – High Risk of Malware Exposure

Browsers beware! Eric Noveshen is using his Twitter account to direct viewers to his website noveshen fights back.  rates websites for safety to viewers. Scamaider warns of a bad reputation and high risk for malware exposure to computers who visit Noveshen’s fight website. Malware can be used to collect information from personal computers like passwords and personal data.

Below is a list of 30 other domains owned by Noveshen.


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Mortgage Fraud: Noveshen still living Rent Free Abusing Broward Court System

This is a follow up to a blog we posted on September 25 2015: “No Rent No Mortgage, No Problem: Fighting Foreclosures is Second Nature to Noveshen. Don’t Tell the Neighbors.”

Eric Noveshen and his straw-buyers his Mother and Grandmother collectively have been sued for foreclosure for non-payment of mortgage, six times. They lost homes in three out of the six lawsuits but lived nicely for a decade for free in two of the others by abusing the Broward County Court foreclosure process.

The pattern according to court documents and pleadings: 1. They get into a home pay for a while 2. Stop paying mortgage. 3. Noveshen begins running mortgage companies in and out of Broward County Courts 4. Remain in homes without paying mortgage, Broward property taxes and insurance.

Current case: Noveshen’s current residence, in his Mother’s name Cheryl D. Wilson, Nationstar v. Cheryl Wilson, et al. Noveshen moved into the house in 2004, home went into foreclosure in 2005. They paid up but stopped paying again. House back in foreclosure in 2008. Noveshen took to the Broward Courts to get the foreclosure tossed out. Nationstar mortgage filed again in 2013. From 2007-present (2015) Noveshen and his Mother have occupied or rented the home out without paying one dollar except in court fees. In the same time they enjoyed cruises and trips around the world and purchased three new cars.

Documents below show Nationstar trying to prevent Noveshen from filing on behalf of his Mother (he tried to pretend he was Mom’s husband in motions filed in 2014 he writes, “Former Husband, Eric Noveshen”). But Wilson depends on her litigious son to save her from having to pay her bills so he filed a motion to insert himself in the case.

Page 4 reveals their Get the House for FREE tactic: claim the mortgage company committed fraud/doesn’t have original documents. Would this mean everyone whose mortgages are sold to other companies should get FREE HOMES TOO? Dangerous precedent. 

Mortgage Fraud 1

Mortgage Fraud 1

Mortgage Fraud 1

Mortgage Fraud 1

motion to move en off case

Cheryl Wilson’s new car worth over $20-thousand purchased outright in 2015, NO LIEN HOLDER – means she paid in full. Instead of paying their mortgage. Why? Because they can! 

Mortgage Fraud 1




Who’s Hiding $ Eric Noveshen’s Money?



In November 2015 Eric Noveshen, along with several others, was sued by Noveshen’s former employer, Multaply INC of Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The federal lawsuit, Multaply vs. Kern et. al claims that Noveshen and others scammed to defraud the company in an effort to take it over. In the process, the suit claims, the defendants diverted over $700,000 into their own bank accounts or accounts not belonging to the company. The suit claims that Eric Noveshen took about 1/3 of the pot, over $200,000 in less than NINE months. It’s hard to hide that kind of money when you have judgments over a $1-million dollars against you. Noveshen owes about $1.2-million to KRG Pembrooke Pines, a strip mall in Wellington, FL. He owes over $100,000 to Ralph Desiano of Naples, FL who Noveshen hired to operate the Cosi franchise he never got off the ground. These are just a few of the debts owed.


Opinion/ Analysis:

The traditional money shelters for Noveshen are his Grandmother Estelle Hartman and his Mother Cheryl D Wilson both of Hallandale Beach, FL. They not only hid cash for Eric during his initial business defrauding investors with the now defunct hedge fund NIR of New York, when he was stashing a $300k in his mattress at a time, they also hid homes in their name for him. Hartman acted as a straw buyer for a property off Las Olas in Ft. Lauderdale and Wilson is the straw buyer for the property Noveshen currently calls home but has actively retained and fought off three foreclosures on since 2005. The family has a bad track record of paying bills. They don’t, according to over a dozen unjust enrichment and other cases that have resulted in judgments against Eric Noveshen, his Mother, ex-girlfriend and sister.

Removal of Eric Noveshen

Removal of Eric Noveshen

Removal of Eric Noveshen
Around 2009 Ex-girlfriend Maggie Welter was accused of being a shelter, but she’s unlikely hiding anything for him considering court records show he’s behind on child support and there are claims that Noveshen refuses to pay current child support, unless he is really paying and its a facade maybe she is the perfect shelter? But it seems a lot of trouble to hide money.
It is rumored Best friend Corey Gant might live in an apartment Noveshen uses as the address for his business Envision Capital, maybe Envision kicks in a little rent, but doubtful Gant hides significant money. Gant is going through a divorce of his own and his ex-wife Vivian Gant is an accountant. Vivian and her Ex are pretty straight shooters not likely to be involved.
That leaves the Mother Cheryl Wilson’s boyfriend Glenn Gruen and Noveshen’s Ex-wife Christina Carter Roberts of Nashville, Tennessee.
In our opinion these are the most likely money shelters.
1. Cheryl D Wilson recently purchased a car paid in full for $22,000. This is higher then her yearly income as a bookkeeper. It’s likely Eric Noveshen would have given the money either to Cheryl or to Glenn Gruen to purchase the car.
Removal of Eric Noveshen
3. Christina carter Roberts and Eric Noveshen in the last year inserted their daughter into a $22,000 a year private school Brentwood Academy in Tennessee. Noveshen had been overheard by several people discussing with Mrs. Roberts a generous lump payoff, over $25,000, to pay off his child support tab for the remainder of the child’s 18 years.
 Best bets – those who have outwardly benefited from a recent influx of cash- Cheryl Wilson (probably masked by Glenn Gruen) and Christina Carter Roberts under the guise of a large child support payment and private school payments. Pretty much anyone who wants to find the money should leave no stone, relative friend or playmate un-turned.

Was Noveshen Planning to Pump-n-Dump Multaply INC. Before Company Caught his Scamming Ways?

The federal lawsuit filed in November 2015 by Multaply INC of Fort Lauderdale, FL, against many including former employees Eric Noveshen and Timothy Wagner, makes one wonder:

Was Eric Noveshen planning to take MULTAPLY public and pump-n-dump it like his other stocks, EDWY, SMEV, HIMR, PNOW, ECMH……? Is that why they are suing him?

Eric Noveshen was listed as an officer of the company and had a hand in registering Multaply in Nevada (Nevada laws do NOT require companies to make their shareholder lists public making it easier for pump-and-dump operators to stay behind the scenes unknown to potential investors/victims.)

Multaply might have been his next pump-n-dump. Thank your lucky stars penny investors- one less penny predator to fear.


Eric Noveshen Sued Corruption Theft over 200k
Florida Financial Advisor Eric L Noveshen has been sued for racketeering, corruption and grand theft over $200,000 in Multaply v Kern, et. al






Eric Noveshen Verbally Abusive to Women

Eric Noveshen’s tendency to talk down to women has been documented in police reports. When he doesn’t need something from a woman respect is out the door. Women make up 47-48% of the work force according to the Department of Labor, investors and companies might want to think twice before allowing Noveshen to deal with female employees. Below is just one example, a court document from Christina Noveshen n/k/a Christina Carter v. Eric Noveshen (Broward County) showing how Noveshen spoke to his Ex-wife, C Carter on a phone call in February, 2009. Christina Carter is a recruiter for a major fashion brand and makes more than Noveshen yet he tells her “your head is firmly planted in the clouds.” 

Noveshen tells his ex-wife there is “reality” and “some planet that you live on.” Subtle verbal put downs. Wonder if Noveshen ever asked himself how he would feel if someone ever treats his daughter the way he treated her Mother?



Eric Noveshen Copy & Paste Lawsuits, Vexatious Litigant 101

Noveshen wants Payday at Court

Eric Noveshen aka Broward County’s most brazen Pro Se litigant, most would say vexatious litigant with 42 cases under his belt, has mastered the art of the COPY-AND-PASTE-LAWSUIT. We thought that was reserved for lawyers practicing at least 5 years! It’s very practical for a man like Noveshen with multiple claims of fraud and judgments to fend off at a time.

In 2012 Noveshen was sued in Federal court with others for a pump-and-dump penny stock scam of a company he served as a consultant to Spa Capsule of Aventura, FL.  Allen Licht v. Ajene Watson et al. 2012  

Noveshen can’t take a lawsuit like a man, own up to his mistakes and move on. That’s no fun for a vexatious litigant. What is fun is to counter sue and make the other side pay for daring to question your actions. Lucky for Noveshen he secretly brought his mother as the “bookkeeper” of Spa Capsule to doctor up the books as a protection plan in the event of a lawsuit. Allen Licht mentions this in his original complaint.

So on July 2, 2013 Eric Noveshen filed a counter-suit against Allen Licht accusing him of all kinds of things including Defamation, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress and Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress. Poor guy. 

Given his history of scamming as sport, it seems that after filing the Licht lawsuit Noveshen concocted a plan to copy-and-paste parts of that lawsuit into a new lawsuit against the respected hedge fund Bridgewater Associates. Maybe he hopes to over litigate them to the point they will pay the “Pro Se Punk,” a screen name on Investorhub to go away.

Behold the works of legal fiction below. Two defendants guilty of the same crime. Seems a lot of people are out to defame Eric Noveshen and inflict stress on him. Poor guy. Or is he doing it to himself? Poor guy.

Eric Noveshen Copy and Paste Lawsuits6

Eric Noveshen Copy and Paste Lawsuits

Eric Noveshen Copy and Paste Lawsuits2Eric Noveshen Copy and Paste Lawsuits3

Eric Noveshen Copy and Paste Lawsuits6

13 Days Later Noveshen filed …..

Noveshen v. Bridgewater Associates

Eric Noveshen Copy and Paste Lawsuits6

Copy Paste 6

Eric Noveshen Copy and Paste Lawsuits6

Eric Noveshen Copy and Paste Lawsuits6


Why did the US Attorney General, SEC & DOJ let Eric Noveshen walk after having him on paying illegal kickbacks to NIR Hedge Fund?


“The case was a complete failure by Loretta Lynch’s office,” this quote from financial reporter Teri Buhl on the case US v. NIR Group might be the understatement of the decade.

From Reporter Teri Buhl’s “SEC Knew Collecting $14.5 Million would Fail”

“At Dworkin’s sentencing hearing in Brooklyn, NY I got to see how the DOJ and SEC lawyers acted in this case. I was surprised by their egos given how little they accomplished. Government lawyers told Judge Dearie they were working hard to recover money for investors but they simply haven’t been able to do it. After the hearing I cornered SEC attorney Kenneth Byrne and a little man with horn rimmed glasses who was running the DOJ case to ask them face to face how they felt about their inability to get justice for investors and collect any money. DOJ attorney Daniel A. Spector scowled at my question and instead of answering it demanded to know my name and who I report for. I said my name was Teri Buhl and you should clearly know who I report for now. (Spector’s predecessor who started the NIR Group case had interviewed me in 2009 to get help finding NIR investors Ribotsky had lied to so I know the DOJ had been reading my reporting.) Attorney Spector’s ego kicked in and gave me a smug look saying they can’t comment on the case except what I heard them say in court. Now after a case is over the DOJ can comment and usually issues a press release. But in this case the PR girl for the DOJ admitted since there was no jail time for Dworkin there wouldn’t be a public comment. Meaning they didn’t want to promote a case that got so little for investors.

As I watched the SEC attorney and the DOJ boys leave the court room and slink into the elevator I did something I rarely do when asking subjects of a story questions. I asserted my opinion. I looked them both in the eye and said, “You should be ashamed of yourself for not doing more for the defrauded investors. You had this case handed to you an a platter.”

This blog relates mostly to the injustice of the financial fraud committed by Eric Lance Novesehen of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Where does he fit into this SEC / DOJ colossal failure to protect investors? EVERYWHERE.

The complaint against Daryl Dworkin was filed in 2010 – US v. Daryl Dworkin. The nine page complaint makes reference to Eric Noveshen, though not by name.

“One corrupt PIPE Deal Finder paid approximately $375,000 in kickbacks to defendant DARYL DWORKIN in cash”

It goes on to say “whose identity is known to the United States Attorney.” That’s why Eric Noveshen received a federal indictment and was deposed in this case. What is fishy, shady, questionable is why the SEC /DOJ never prosecuted Eric Noveshen and even sealed his indictment. 

Now approaching 2016, the SEC /DOJ can pat themselves on the back. Their failure to indict, fine or somehow penalize Noveshen for kickbacks and his role in stealing from NIR investors has allowed him scam and steal from investors, businesses and others for another six years! Time to take a second look at the web of fraud Eric Noveshen is still free to weave down there in Florida guys & gals at the SEC & DOJ, and Loretta Lynch too.

US V Dworkin p5.jpg

PIPE Finder Known to US Government

US V Dworkin p7

US V Dworkin p9




New Ripoff Report on Eric Noveshen. Author lost 12k

A new rip off report on Eric Noveshen was published on November 23, 2015. The author says he lost $12,000 by investing in one of Eric L Noveshen penny stocks. He also mentions other fraud victims Including, Ellen Frankel, James Vennoker, Allen Licht, Daniel Jacobs, Gary Kimmons and stockholders of, EDWY, PNOW and SMEV ALL PENNYSTOCK PUMP AND DUMP SCAMS.

See Eric Noveshen/Envision Capital.