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“You Up Ta Speed on Shorting?”


Yesterday’s blog, “Eric Noveshen’s Biggest Financial Scam Money Laundering Through Consulting Fees” generated a lot of emails. One claimed to have been a victim of the NIR, Daryl Dworkin, Eric Noveshen, Medgen PR scam. Almost any email of relevance said look at the pattern of shorting.


This is what Pdgood said on http://www.investorshub.com too, “You up ta speed on shorting? Eric wants no part of the questions that would be asked about Medgen, Robins as CEO of ECMH…Eric was front and center in all these scams.” 

As explained, Noveshen was a PIPE deal finder for a New York hedge fund NIR. Noveshen found small or struggling companies that needed funding. He would offer funding from NIR, with a catch. The company had to pay large fees for PR, to a PR company chosen by NIR. That company was Boca Raton based Medgen, a money laundering factory disguised as a producer of holistic health products.

The PR money was and split between Dworkin of NIR, Noveshen of Envision Capital, and Paul Kravitz head of Medgen.

From the affidavit of the CEO of the Juniper Group, an NIR (AJW Funds) funded company confirmed that the funded companies were required to pay money to Medgen (Paul Kravitz) for “PR” and “Consulting”.




Source: http://www.investorshub.com

NIR illegally shorted a long list of stocks of the companies it funded. The pattern of shorting and other securities frauds committed by NIR is spelled out in many lawsuits against NIR and its AJW Funds. Note* it fits the same pattern of stock manipulation that Ajene Watson and Eric Noveshen are accused of in the Simulated Technologies/Licht v. Watson lawsuit.

Read for yourselves….very similar illegal patterns. Dworkin and Ribotsky are out of the game for a few years, but Ajene Watson and Eric Noveshen have carried on these stock manipulations in other stocks such as Oriens (OTHM), changed name to Pure Hospitality (PNOW) in 2014. Stock fraudster hospitality, if you’re an investor you’ll never forget it. 






EMTA Short.jpg

EMTA Short2




Allen Licht v. Ajene Watson, et. al 




More details of this case found here: 


More information on stock shorting:

Regulators Investigating Firms Sub-Account Use in Shorting Stocks

Eric Noveshen anti freedom of speech

Signs of A Noveshen Financial Scam


A previously covered topic and one we get many emails on is the pump-and-dump of the Florida based company Simulated Environment Concepts stock, (SMEV). The lawsuit, Licht v. Watson, et. al, S. Florida  CASE # 0:12-cv-62197-WJZ, holds valuable information for anyone considering doing business with Eric Noveshen and should give it a good read.

Warning signs; Noveshen surrounds himself with the same names; transfer agents, financiers, attorneys, stock promotion teams and Noveshen’s friends / family. Noveshen and Ajene Watson have done consulting services together for many pink sheet companies. They both worked with the now defunct NIR Group, NIR provided funding for Edoorways (EDWY)  a deal worked on by Noveshen and Watson. The Licht lawsuit claimed,

“Unfortunately, at the hands of Defendants, EDWY has suffered the same fate as Simulated. Its stock was decimated by pump-and-dump scheme…”


Curt Kramer/ Asher Enterprises, notable for connections to Novehsen via NIR, also makes an appearance in the Licht lawsuit. Kramer was blacklisted by FINRA in 2014 after being ordered to pay $1.4 million in 2013 to settle SEC charges that he purchased billions of shares of two penny stock companies and failed to register them before reselling them to investors.

The biggest danger, is when Noveshen brings family to work . The Licht lawsuit states, in December 2009, “Noveshen installed his mother Sherrill Wilson, as the bookeeper;” *Her name is Cheryl not Sherrill 

The next step was to move the company accounting books out of Plaintiff Licht/ Simulated’s view. Noveshen was part of the team urging Licht /SMEV to move away from their current accounting system, Peachtree to Quickbooks giving Noveshen’s mother Cheryl Wilson greater opportunity to doctor the financials.

A cautionary tale; as in December 2014 Noveshen became President of a health insurance audit company called Microvu. Same scam, Noveshen installed his mother Cheryl Wilson to aid him in diverting funds from the company and cook the books.

Read closely, neither Licht /SMEV or the owners of Microvu knew that Cheryl Wilson is Eric Noveshen’s mother, Noveshen went out of his way to hide this glaring detail.

install his mom as bookkeeper

SMEV consulting team urges the company to “1. Move accounting away from PeachTree”




Less than five years after defrauding Simulated Concepts, Eric Noveshen becomes President of Microvu in December 2014. Guess who he brings to work on the financials? Mother Dear? Bingo! Cheryl Wilson starts working undercover to doctor financials for the benefit of herself and her son. The pair even pretended they did not know each other in the office.



From Multaply v. Kern, filed in November 2015


People might say ah, what about Ajene Watson? Here is the difference, Watson, for any faults one might perceive, is not a selfish or slovenly businessman like Noveshen. He leaves his house in a suit and tie, looks sharp, speaks well. Watson gives back to the community. Watson’s mother didn’t teach him how to cook books. Trywa Watson taught children and was a highly respected educator in New York. While Noveshen works to destroy his mother’s name in court records (all those phony affidavits of Cheryl Wilson against Amex, Nationstar etc all looked at together don’t seem credible). While Watson honors his late mother’s name. In 2010 Ajene Watson donated thousands of dollars to the school where his mother taught, Middle School 390, to open The Trywa Watson Computer Lab. Watson claimed his mother taught him a code of ethics and morals. Something you won’t find in his business partner’s history.









“I Was Never Served” – Eric Noveshen’s First Answer

Eric Noveshen school of law: Learn these lines:   “Defendant was never served”

“I believe Plaintiff is purporting a fraud upon the Court”      “I have numerous defenses”

“Plaintiff seeks to harass and oppress Noveshen”

A few examples for those who want to practice copy-and-paste law like Noveshen:









Cooking the Books, Eric Noveshen Family Recipe

As seen in past posts, Eric Noveshen, and his alter ego Envision Capital are very sensitive to any negative posts about himself, calling them slander and defamatory no matter how true they might be.

ecp1Source: InvestorsHub.com 

Yet under the guise of litigation privledge Noveshen freely makes up false defamatory statements about many others. Though he was a contracted “consultant” of a Florida company called Spa Capsule, which partially under his direction turned out to be a penny stock pump-and-dump, Noveshen actively promoted his counter- lawsuit and its false accusations about the company owner Allen Licht (ticker SMEV). He spread the word to so many that the allegations ended up in posts on stock promo boards, such as Investors Hub. Wouldn’t accusing someone of money laundering be just as slanderous as saying someone took kickbacks and shorted stocks?


postlicht1Source: Investorshub.com 

Ironically the exhibits refered to have Noveshen’s Mother Cheryl Wilson’s hand writing all over them. According to Allen Licht, Novehen “inserted his Mother” as the bookkeeper. Questionable? You bet ya. Cooking the books? Or more professionally stated, falsification of financial documents? You be the judge. One of the so called documents is below. Pay attention to the Cher in Cheryl, the Cher above Dr. Frank Donaruma, the y at the end of Happy and the y in Cheryl. Nice hand writing though if its used for good cause.






SMEV Compaint Cover

install his mom as bookkeeper


Chery Diane Wilson

New Ripoff Report on Eric Noveshen. Author lost 12k

A new rip off report on Eric Noveshen was published on November 23, 2015. The author says he lost $12,000 by investing in one of Eric L Noveshen penny stocks. He also mentions other fraud victims Including, Ellen Frankel, James Vennoker, Allen Licht, Daniel Jacobs, Gary Kimmons and stockholders of, EDWY, PNOW and SMEV ALL PENNYSTOCK PUMP AND DUMP SCAMS.

See ripoffreport.com Eric Noveshen/Envision Capital.

“A Tangled Web Envision Capital has spun” comprehensive description of Noveshen’s decade of questionable business practices

Lengthy but worth a read to understand the mentality of the Noveshen game of deception, keeping his dealings untraceable so others take the fall while he enjoys the good life. 

Ihub tangled
“Was looking for clues to the pre and post-NIR business ventures of Eric Noveshen and Art Robins. public financial statements, business documents and many many many lawsuits provide a ton of information. This may not be the tip of the iceberg..seems the web of deception began at the same time Noveshen’s windfall of money from NIR began to come in. There is a pattern of hiding assets and hiding businesses.Here is SOME of what court documents show:

Ralph Desiano Plaintiff vs. Envision Foods Inc Defendant (Broward County Case Number: CACE08033630)
Envision Foods Corp Plaintiff vs. Cosi Inc Defendant (Broward county case # CACE10038086)
Eric Noveshen in 2006 buys the rights to open Cosi restaurants in South Florida for somewhere in the neighborhood of $500,000. He was probably flush with cash from NIR deals. Noveshen hires Ralph Desiano a restaurateur with a solid record of turning an profit to run his Cosi sandwich places. Part of the deal, according to court papers filed later in 2008 by Desiano when he was not paid his salary, is that ‘Envision Foods’ was to be incorporated in Desiano’s name. Seems Noveshen did not want the business registered in his name – which will later lead into possibly how Arthur Robins became involved in Eric Noveshen’s other food/bar type of business HR Ventures.

Envision Foods Registered in 2006 with Eric Noveshen listed as the CEO/Registered Agent at 401 E Last Olas Blvd. 14th Floor

April 2008 the registered agent of Envision Foods changes to Ralph Desiano @ 401 E Las Olas Blvd 14th Fl.

Another RED FLAG- June 29, 2007 Envision Foods Inc (Eric Noveshen) becomes amanaging director of another Envision company – Envision Cobblestone LLC and the registered agent is – Christina Kitterman!! the attorney from Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein’s law office who is serving five years in federal prison for impersonating a Florida Bar official in a hoax that helped Scott Rothstein keep his massive investment fraud alive.

Envision Cobblestone, Envision Foods and Envision Capital are all listed at 401 E Las Olas Blvd. 14th Floor.
Envision Cobblestone, Envision Foods and Envision Capital have two other business addresses where HR Ventures is publicly associated with… a PO box in Fort Lauderdale, FL and an address on a 10th Ave. in Ft Lauderdale – the listed owner is a Cheryl Wilson. Yes Noveshen’s Mother, the woman identified by Allen Licht’s (Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. (SMEV.PK)) now infamous lawsuit. Licht alleges Noveshen encouraged the company to hire his mother Cheryl Wilson as the accountant and she was put in place more to report to Noveshen and Ajene Watson than to handle the books legally. Licht spells her name wrong, not sure if he may have intensionally been given her wrong name or his misspellings resulted in this lawsuits demise.


Noveshen is also connected to his Mother in several contract indebtedness and foreclosure lawsuits….
American Express Centurion Plaintiff vs. Cheryl Wilson, et al Defendant (Eric Noveshen is Defendant) Broward County Case Number: CACE08025623

Nationstar Mtg LLC Plaintiff vs. Cheryl Wilson, et al Defendant (Eric Noveshen Defendant, pro se retained) Broward County Case CACE13000366


Stay with me folks, fast forward to 2008 – Noveshen/Envision Foods never open Cosi after leasing several locations. Ralph Desiano files suit against Envision Foods with several allegations including a mentions of questionable business activity by Envision Foods attorney of record lawyer Christina Kitterman and personal activity by Christina Kitterman – she apparently submitted a false declaration in Noveshen’s divorce case not even related to his presumed fabulous income. The world now knows how truthful Kitterman was. Lawsuit notes a patterns of professional dishonesty and patterns of Noveshen of hiding business in other peoples names to avoid detection.

Getting to HR Ventures… (there were several other lawsuits as a result of the fallout from the Envision Foods Cosi deal all – handled by – Eric Noveshen)
KRG Pembroke Pines, LLC vs. Eric Noveshen – Broward Case decided against Noveshen and he appealed the decision against him to the Florida District Appeals Court.

from http://www.4dca.org —- 4D11-3412-Eric L. Noveshen v. KRG CREC/KS Pembroke Pines, LLC

Here is Where HR Ventures comes in….Eric Noveshen goes into business with another one of Christina Kitterman’s clients, Andy Kostas and his company Automatic Slims Holdings. Social media and stories of another fallen Florida financial industry member – Jeffry Rubin – show that Automatic Slims circa 2006-2008 was the place to be, the place to party and the place to bring unassuming investors to lure them into making bad decisions.

Andy Kostas lures Noveshen into a deal for a Envision to loan money to Andy Kostas to open a third Automatic Slims at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino. It is not known why but Andy Kostas drops off the map in 2009 when “HR Ventures” becomes the new registered Owner Agent that operates Automatic Slims located at the Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, Florida.

The registered owner of HR Ventures is Arthur Robbins @ 5749 Seminole Way Building 6,8. Around 2010 HR Ventures enters into a mortgage agreement with Med Properties VII, LLC a Miami company for a payment of $115,000. The secured property being a Quota Alcohol Beverage License.
They must have used up all of this money because a year later in 2011 a “Removal of Tenant” lawsuit was filed against HR Ventures. Roadhouse LLC vs. HR Ventures broward case



A settlement was reached and signed by Eric Noveshen and his counsel Jon Polenberg – the same attorney that represented Envision Foods in Envision Foods vs Cosi (Broward county case # CACE10038086)
Ralph Desiano finally got a judgement against Envision Foods in January 2013 for $145,602 for his back salary and arbitration fees. Who knows if the poor guy ever collected. Other’s who invested work and money into Eric Noveshen or Envision Capital HR Ventures of the rest good luck seeing a return on your investment.
It appears every legal action and applications that are done for HR Ventures are handled by Noveshen and that Arthur Robins might be more of a silent partner or just a name for Noveshen to hide behind like Ralph Desiano was for Envision Foods and Christina Kitterman was for Envision Cobblestone LLC. What is Eric Noveshen hiding from??”

pdgood Re:
livemint post# 6745  Tuesday, October 14, 2014 11:07:05 AM

Look at the Medgen connection.

Funds were laundered through Medgen via consulting fees. I believe the 2008 Q has about 800k worth of these consulting fees. Who consults with a company Medgen that claims to produce some stop snoring BS product that never sold.

Drill inta those underlyin docs that support the 800k and you’ll get to the Noveshen brokered, NIR funded deals. At least a small portion.

The rest that you posted on is just indicative of the Noveshen mentality. Drill into the Medgen crew as well as Ajene Watson if ya wanna see behind the curtain regardin the NIR scam.