Envision: Gag Anyone who Talks about Eric Noveshen’s Ill Gotten Gains!

Eric Noveshen describes himself with words like leader, entrepreneur and consultant. When other’s describe him, words like kickbacks, pump-n-dump, scam, or ‘ill gotten gains’ often arise. Warning – Noveshen is very sensitive to such words. Like thieves don’t like the word theft. It’s not that Eric Noveshen is above paying kickbacks or profiting from a pump-n-dump, he just doesn’t want anyone talking about it. As it says below, in Noveshen’s book that’s called slander. In the book of reality it’s called: TRUTH.

This exchange is from Investor’s Hub’s NIR board, 2009. Great read!……..“don’t even consider a relationship with Envision. You’ll regret ya did. End of friggin story” 


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Drug Use, Abuse, Other Women, Sexuality – Testimony of Noveshen’s Ex-wife


Chrissie testimony Eric issues women sex 1

Testimony about Eric

Eric Noveshen internet sexuality

Eric Noveshen snapped himself posing with lots-o- women for bragging rights. The pictures back up Christina Carter’s testimony and a story posted on The Dirty over a year ago about Noveshen not above conning women and Wall Street. Girls, buyers, investors: be careful.

Noveshen Sex addiction

Pics w testimony2

Eric Noveshen many women



How Noveshen Avoids Paying Property Taxes

If Eric Noveshen is good at anything, thousands of documents show, it is getting out of paying bills. Frustrating it might be to those of us who follow Uncle Sam’s rule and pay our taxes.

How he gets the lender to pay the taxes: Noveshen keeps his (and his Mother’s) residence in foreclosure, i.e. haven’t paid their mortgage since 2007. They also refuse to pay the property taxes on the home. When the taxes don’t get paid the city comes knocking. Broward County will auction the property off to collect their taxes. This forces the lending company to pay the property tax or else lose the property as an asset.

Unjust Enrichment: From 2007-2013 two different mortgage lenders paid a total of $42,988.51 in Broward Property Taxes, on behalf of Eric Noveshen and his Mother Cheryl Wilson. When they finally end up in court Noveshen might not even be ordered to pay half of the $42,0000 back.

Fraud Eric Noveshen Property Tax

Bill 1Property TaxBill 2Property Tax

*just a couple of the actual bills they refused to pay, forcing the lender to pay taxes instead.


Thank you anonymous tipsters

We want to thank everyone for the influx of anonymous tips. We work quickly to read them all and verify the truth of the information provided. The number one overwhelming message expressed has been that most people do not take any action when they have been wronged or lost money to Eric Noveshen because of his reputation as an extremely overbearing, manipulative litigant. Keep the tips coming and we will do our part to help warn others so they don’t become victims of fraud.

Noveshen Lives in Fear of Harassment

Is Eric Noveshen paranoid that everyone is out to “harass” him? Or is it true that he has a narcissistic view that anyone bothering him must be in the wrong and he is ALWAYS the victim being harassed?

Everywhere you look from Broward Property Code Enforcement documents, to court documents Noveshen accuses people of “harassing” him. We know what happened to the boy who cried WOLF, what happens to the man who cries “harassment” too many times?

City of Fort Lauderdale Accused of ‘Harassing’ Noveshen: 

2Enforce Harassment

American Express Accused of ‘Harassing’ Noveshen: 

Cover shotAmex counter claim

Ex-Wife Christina Carter Accused of ‘Harassing’ Noveshen:

Noveshen False Accusations Against Christina Carter

Noveshen LIES calls Carter Mentally ill