Broward Courts – Cut Vexatious Litigation Free Up Money $ for Security

Frivolous Litigation Broward Court


When a man accused of murder jumped out of a jury box just prior to a hearing and escaped from the Broward County Courthouse on Friday, July 15th, the internet blew up with commentary declaring who was to blame.–386997511.html

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said lack of funding for security is partly to blame.

“We have been battling with Broward County for three years now asking for adequate staffing for a courthouse that was understaffed since the day I became Sheriff of Broward County,” Israel said in a press conference Friday morning. “If the County is listening we need more money, we need more people.”

People flocked to sites like to voice their opinions, many saying it was an inside job.



The comments are comical to read and spot on. Sheriff Israel on Sunday stopped short of saying it was an inside job but did say the escapee had accomplices and could not explain how the suspect got out of handcuffs or had a key for the cuffs. Four people have been arrested in connection with the escape so far.

Maybe Broward County should cut down on the amount of frivolous litigation it allows and the County Commissioners would have MORE MONEY FOR COURTHOUSE SECURITY for real litigation. Might also cut down on the amount of lawyers, court reporters and court affiliated readers who label Broward Courts a “circus” in courthouse news commentary.

In one quick search online as a layperson with no court affiliation you can find seven individuals, including Eric Noveshen, who have filed litigation this year who can legally be deemed a vexatious litigant. If given the access Chief Judge Weinstein and his staff have to court filings that number is much higher. Someone needs to start cross-referencing, building a better list of vexatious litigants and not be afraid to declare them VL. Sure frivolous filers will march to the Fourth DCA to appeal the decision of the unlucky Judge who has to make that call, its the nature of the vexatious beast. But the issue is black and white as outlined by the Florida Supreme Court. Someone either meets the criteria of a vexatious litigant or not.

Weinstein and Broward County Commissioners should encourage and support and Judges who enforce Florida’s vexatious litigant law. It serves the residents of Broward for the Courts to cut down on frivolous litigation so the Court can serve those with legit litigation at the best capacity. That includes keeping court-goers safe.

Once a plaintiff or counter plaintiff pays the $400 filing fee they can file motions for years without ever paying another dime. After the $400 filing fee, tax payers pick up the bill for for the clerks, security, other court staff and the Judge to handle frivolous lawsuits. This must be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The frivolous filers should foot the bill, not tax payers. This would certainly free up money to staff Broward’s Courts with additional deputies and security. And for the courthouse to police those who might be involved with inside fraud jobs such as assisting in an escape.

Eric Noveshen Vexatious Litigant

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3 thoughts on “Broward Courts – Cut Vexatious Litigation Free Up Money $ for Security”

  1. dont think lack of funding is 100% to blame but Broward is behind Dade, Hernando and St. Lucie in weeding out vexatious litigants. People who abuse the courts raise prices for everything we buy, activity we do etc. Because insurance rates are through the roof for all types of companies. We all pay the price for vexatious litigants and they laugh at the courts that can’t control them.


  2. All respect for the judicial system is gone in Broward. Been gone for a while. Thanks for using our courts to pad your pockets with $$$$ Eric Nova-Con-Man!
    The courts MUST stop allowing this.


  3. He should be in jail for not paying child support. Seen Fathers hate their exs and not want to pay but Eric Noveshen takes to a sickening level. Grown ass man tells all his kids “Nana” his mother pays for everything and she goes along with the lie. Together they favor his first child give her private school, child support braces, $240 salon trips for highlights, exotic international trips. The second two kids live in California when they have in shoes and they say “money is tight.”

    Money is so tight that a 70 year old Mom can afford to pay for Eric to live in a $515,000 house, drive an Infinity, trips around the country and marijuana for him to promote. Hair plugs, $50 bottles of hair shampoo for hair loss. His 82 year old Granny made $41,000 a month got him a nice crib. Sucka got away with mortgage fraud, how much you figure his mom makes paying for Eric lifestyle?

    Does Mommy pay to fund his lawsuits too? Court reporters, transcripts, process servers… Frivolous lawsuits with Bridgewater cost him pretty penny and the one against Natonstar Why don’t you just pay your mortgage already? Scam artists what a free house and play our courts while they wine and dine international trips disgusting.

    How could money be tight? Did the Cheryl Wilson Eric Novsehen, Mom and Son Thief Tag Team blow all the money they stole from Microvu?

    Take me to court. Want my IP – Ill give you my name. It’s all true and then some suckas. Love to bring facts to Court. Lets Roll~


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