Pro Se Noveshen wants Pity but Plays Attorney

The worst kind of Pro Se litigant is the one who thinks he’s smarter than other lawyers and even the judge. Broward County’s version of Roy Pearson (the infamous “pants lawsuit”) where Pearson demanded $67 million because a dry cleaner fried his pants. Noveshen is almost that extreme. He abuses and uses local and Federal courts to clear his credit card debts, to live free without having to pay mortgage or property taxes and to exact revenge on those he has stolen money from who dared try to collect. The sick part is he enjoys it. He’s been a plaintiff or filed a counter-suit in over 29 cases since 2005. 

I have seen Noveshen a dozen times arriving to court using the door for Attorneys only. He thinks he’s too good to have to stand in the line for non-lawyers. Gotta hand it to him though he’s a gifted con-artist. He claims he can’t afford an attorney so Judges should take pity on him. Poor guy, he’s only successfully gamed the court system to his advantage for about a half a million dollars. In another 5 years it might be a million if Broward County in particular and other courts don’t see him for what he really is.

Eric Noveshen Broward Court House

Eric Noveshen using the Employees and Attorneys Only Entrance at the Broward County Court House

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