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Noveshen Plagiarized Defamation Lawsuit. Is Plagiarism Perjury?

Eric Noveshen plagiarized a controversial part of his massive defamation lawsuit! 

Noveshen brazenly copied and pasted almost word- for- word his court pleadings where he tells the court he is in constant fear “of bodily harm, injury, and even death to him,” due to Defendants “subjecting him to what is in effect a Fatwah which is an open call for any and all militant Jihadi Muslims should kill Plaintiff.” 

It was recently discovered that Noveshen plagiarized these lines that he swore were true about him from a defamation lawsuit, Montgomery v. Risen et, al. That lawsuit filed almost a year before Noveshen’s concerned a book written by a national security reporter and author, James Risen, about the NSA and CIA. 

Noveshen’s copy and pasted words were about another man. Does that make Noveshen’s pleadings plagiarism or perjury or both? Can we believe anything in Noveshen’s Complaints? What is could be plagiarized? 

  1. February 24, 2015 – Montgomery v. Risen Complaint filed in Federal Court includes these statements: “ISIS has openly pledged to kill members of the US military and persons who are associated with the US military and their families. And “Defendants have subjected plaintiff Montgomery to what is in effect a Fatwah which is an open call for any and all militant Jihadi Muslims should kill Plaintiff Montgomery.” And “Defendants have placed Plaintiff Montgomery in immediate fear of bodily harm, injury, and death to him and his family members.” p7563462Eric Noveshen anti Muslim
  2. December 4, 2015 – Noveshen files his first of now four amended Complaints in his defamation lawsuit. Noveshen plagiarizes the lines from the Montgomery v. Risen lawsuit. Noveshen removes the name Montgomery and states, “Defendants by posting defamatory as defendant John Doe #16 aka Igbal Al-Rahim have subjected Plaintiff to what is in effect a Fatwah, which is an open call that any and all militant Jihadi Muslims should kill Plaintiff. Noveshen also plagiarized this sentence “Isis has openly pledged to kill persons who are associated with the US and their families particularly identified by Islamic Jihad organizations and terrorists.” 

Noveshen also plagiarizes, and arguably commits perjury by copying the NSA / CIA book lawsuit pleading word-for-word: “Defendants have placed plaintiff in immediate fear of bodily harm, injury, and even death to him.” How much will Noveshen lie to illicit sympathy from juries and judges? He stole his pleadings from another man’s experience.  

3. January-March 2016- This blog (not knowing about the existence of the Montgomery v Risen lawsuit) published a blog asking how Noveshen came up the story that “Defendants by posting defamatory as defendant John Doe #16 aka Igbal Al-Rahim has subjected Plaintiff to what is in effect a Fatwah.” The only explanation at the time was that Noveshen thought or just wanted to see if the COURT would buy his legal argument that just because someone with an Arabic name posted a comment about him, that means terrorists want to kill him. Logical? Not really. Racist? Maybe. Looking for pity by lying? Who knew Noveshen was daring enough to rip off lines from another lawsuit!  


4.  March 9, 2016 Noveshen files a First Amended Complaint saying a second time: 


5.  June 2016 – Defendant Welter files a Motion to Dismiss and claims Noveshen’s story of a Fatwa make the lawsuit seem not plausible. 

6.  July 28, 2016 Noveshen changes his argument in his Second Amended Complaint. Maybe he thought someone would find out he plagiarized the Montgomery lawsuit or maybe he thought court would think it ridiculous that terrorists were after him just because someone with an Arabic name made a comment about him that made no threats or references to anything to cause fear. 

7. Noveshen (thinking the Judge and jury will never hear about what he wrote in his first two Complaints) whips up a false story that this blog for no reason called him a racist. Noveshen leaves out the part about his claims in the December 2015 Complaint that was the basis of the blog. 


8.  Noveshen then in both his Second and Third Amended Complaints plagiarizes yet another writer in his lawsuit again word- for- word in trying to paint his ex girlfriend Defendant Welter as a racist. Noveshen plagiarized a blog written by British journalist, author and public commentator Melanie Phillips in 2010 and implied to the Court that this it was written by his ex-girlfriend. 




Plagiarism and Perjury – there’s probably more where it came from (in Noveshen’s lawsuit). Keep digging folks and send in your findings.  

Plagiarism- an act or instance of using or closely imitating the language and thoughts of another author without authorization and the representation of that author’s work as one’s own, as by not crediting the original author. 

Eric Noveshen; Domain Hoarding is so 1999! Beware

Someone might want to tell Eric Noveshen that domain hoarding is so last century.

Notice to everyone else, stay web-safe and stay off of any domains owned by Noveshen. He owns dozens, maybe over 100. It’s hard to know exactly what he owns anymore because Noveshen recently started registering domains privately using Domains by Proxy to keep his domain hoarding a secret. To be on the safe side, avoid the domains Eric Noveshen is known to own listed below. He uses his website to collect information and attempts to install malware and cookies on your computer.